‘John’ Trailer It’s Aashir Wajahat vs Saleem Mairaj In This Fast Paced & Edgy Thriller!

The official teaser of ‘John’ created the right buzz and intrigued excitement for the audience. After waiting for a year, we finally have it! The full-length official trailer of the much-anticipated film surfaced online and looks rather interesting.


What’s The Storyline?

Right from the beginning, the trailer leaves a lasting impact on the viewers. It gives us an insight into the life of John (Aashir Wajahat) a janitor who deals with the struggles and challenges of everyday life. John does whatever his mentor (Saleem Mairaj) says him to do. He is happy when his love interest Maria (Romaisa Khan) is around. Hailing from the marginalized minorities of the city, John aims to find a way out from the miseries of his life. The intense trailer will make you wanting for more drama.

What We’re Excited About For ‘John’

John is a fast-paced, edgy and one-of-a-kind thriller. The storyline of John looks quite intriguing. What ensues is a rollercoaster of emotions, where friendship and love collide with betrayal and heartbreak. Shot in Karachi, ‘John’ is laced with real and stunning visuals of the city. The minute attention to detail is praiseworthy. The dialogues are relatable and have a lasting effect. Mairaj’s hard-hitting one-liners and subtle punch lines in the trailer are quite catchy. ‘John’ marks the debut of actor Aashir Wajahat, going by the trailer the young boy impresses big time. He is in his element, and on could sense his pain and plight. Ditto for Saleem Mairaj, Romaisa Khan and YouTuber Raza Samo, all the important characters showcase the raw Karachitte element to perfection.

 Summing It Up

Written and directed by Babar Ali, ‘John’ releases in cinemas on July 14. The film also stars, Mohammad Ehteshamuddin, Faiza Gilani, Rashid Farooqui and Tabish Mughal. ‘John’ will surely keep the audience at the edge of their seats and the interesting twists and turns will keep them hooked to it.

Are you all excited to watch John? Comment below!

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