Jeevan Nagar (Review): Sohail Ahmed’s Dual Avatar Is A Double Treat To Watch!

Green Entertainment has arrived with a bang. The newly launched channel is a breath of fresh air that entertains viewers with qualitative yet meaningful content. It brings a wide variety of genres like romance, family, horror, suspense and many more. From the unique lineup of shows, Jeevan Nagar attracts viewers with its unique plot and various twists. Jeevan Nagar is directed by Kashif Nisar and written by Awais Ahmed. It features Sohail Ahmed and Rabia Butt as the lead protagonist.

The Story So Far

Babbar Shah (Sohail Ahmed) leads Jeevan Nagar, an old locality that exists since many decades. Shah is a caring man with a heart of gold. He thinks and works for the betterment of the people. Munni (Rabia Butt) arrives in Jeevan Nagar and opens a gym at her place. She invites the women to join her and get in shape. The men of the area leave no stone unturned to gaze at Munni. The people of the area are low-key and are categorized by class division.

There’s a separate track where Babbar Shah features as Guru Laali, a transgender who heads a troop. Neelo (Saqib Sumeer) is her right hand and handles all the matters.  What connection has Babbar Shah with Guru Laali remains to be unveiled?

Another track features, Shabaan (Kashif Mehmood) and Bara Karobari (Noor-ul-Hassan). They are brothers and run a grocery store for a living. Zulekha (Kinza Malik) and Bilqees (Tahira Imam) are their respective spouses. They spend most of their time in household politics.

The Strong Protagonist

Sohail Ahmed in a dual avatar is a double treat to watch. He shows his versatility in contrasting characters and emerges victorious. Rabia Butt as Munni is a revelation. She handles a complex role like a pro. Her nuances are on point. It would be interesting to see how she confronts Babbar Shah with her fearless attitude. Saqib Sameer as the insecure Billa and Nello is brilliant. He also shines in a dual avatar.

Verdict So Far                                                                          

Jeevan Nagar is off to a great start. The magic of Kashif Nisar works big time. He does complete justice to a well-written script. Viewers are fully invested and intrigued to know the reality of Babbar Shah in the upcoming episodes. Highly recommended!

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