J. Captivating New Fragrance ‘Ruler’ Unfolds The Real You!

Nothing is more evocative of a memorable time and place than a fragrance that gets embedded in our system. It is believed that scents can trigger positive emotions and affect our mood, which is why it’s critical to be wary when choosing the right perfume for your skin. Fragrance is something personal yet like an accessory you can wear on your skin- like a necklace, a scarf, or a pair of earrings. Fragrance is one of the most intimate ways of sharing your intricate thoughts and showing the world who you are.

While we may differ in terms of what scent attracts each one of us, one thing that everyone unanimously agrees with is that J. is one of the leading brands that every Pakistani is proud of. The brand’s fragrances aspire to the real leads having beyond the wild reach of imaginations, regal persona, and majestic style by the captivating fusion of spicy-woody scent.

Recently the brand roped in renowned Turkish actor Burak Ozcivit for its captivating new perfume line ‘Ruler’. According to the brand, the fragrance that symbolizes the royal stallion unleashing the pace for triumph with the invigorative spicy notes impeccably blended with redolence woody notes ignite the journey that never ends and carving the soul of certainty which unfolds the real you, are born to rule.

Burak Ozcivit, renowned for his role in the Turkish hit series Kurulus. Osman arrived for a two-day visit in Pakistan. Speaking through a translator, as he only conversed in Turkish, Burak said that this was his first time in Karachi. “I had planned to come here two years ago also, but those plans could not materialize. This time I got an opportunity to visit here; thanks to J., I grabbed it with both hands, and so here I am,” he smiled, adding that to visit Pakistan, he left his Kurulus: Osman shooting crew waiting.

“For playing such historical roles, I need to be familiar with our history. And the histories of Turkiye and Pakistan have many similarities. We also enjoy very good relations and help each other in times of need. I love you all!” Burak concluded.

Title Picture Credit: APP

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