‘It’s Okay If I Don’t Look A Certain Way; I Don’t Have To Look Like Someone To Be Beautiful’, Says Actor Zara Noor Abbas

Being a star kid is not a guarantee that you will get a launch pad. Nevertheless, there are quite a few celebrities who have made it big and on their own. Sheer hard work and perseverance have helped them write their success stories. Young, restless and raring to go, Zara Noor Abbas is one actress who is making waves in the industry. Abbas’s journey is a wholesome and insightful account of tribulations trying to get into the entertainment industry. She prevailed and won the hearts of millions, with sheer talent, charm and determination. The girl is proving her mettle with each passing day.

Zara recently appeared on Frieha Altaf’s podcast ‘FWhy Podcast’ and spoke at length about her personal and professional life. Her experiences will make you cry and make you laugh. They will both inspire you as well as give you a reality check. Read on…

Childhood Memories

Being a child, I was ignorant or rather too young to process my grandfather Bashir Ahmed’s popularity. I remember the gatherings at our place over the weekend attended by Ashfaq Ahmed and Munno Bhai. I was hugely gathered around poetry, books and music. My grandparents were living with us, my house was the central hub of the family. For me to come across this dynamic was so beautiful that a son-in-law can accommodate his father-in-law. It doesn’t have to be the other way around. There were huge get togethers at Eid, Bushra Khala and Neelam Khala visited us. So, yeah it was a lot of fun.

Zara Noor Abbas

Princess of the Family

My father made me feel like a princess and he made this very clear to my brothers. Having said that, there were some restrictions too. I was overprotected by my family, but it was good for me. I didn’t come across as something uncool. Moreover, I wasn’t allowed to go for a movie, but my mother started to give me company. I thought it would come across as uncool if I would take my mother along for a concert. So, I labeled her as my cousin ‘Guriya Ji’. However, the women in my family were very supportive and made me do some really cool stuff.

Life and Career

It is very easy to scum to the environment, but marriage is a huge decision. I feel people who take time are very smart. It’s good that they should get to know each other. There is no set formula for a successful marriage. Also, I don’t get the strange phenomena of society pressures. For example, when boys graduate, they have to find a job ASAP, Why? Let them do their own thing. I feel parents should let their children be themselves.

The Concept of Marriage

 I feel there’s a difference between a soul mate and a life partner. I believe, soul mates, good energy people and life partners are entirely different. You cannot find all of this in one-person together. That’s unfair to the person who is living with you.  My husband Asad Siddique is very sober and contained. My energy bounces a lot, so I had to settle with some who is perfectly balanced. His way of living is amazing and his faith inspires me a lot. Right now, I am in a happy space. Asad isn’t a romantic guy primarily, but what I liked about him was his commitment. I didn’t know Asad at all before marriage, but Bushra Khala had green lit the situation. I also did my research, with friends and family. Asad’s family is very progressive, and I want to grow old with him.

Zara Noor Abbas

Overcoming Mental Health Issues

I was 25 when my first marriage ended. Soon after, I discovered that my mother has colon cancer. I was depressed, I had no hope; I was taking anti-depressants that weren’t prescribed. During COVID-19, I was getting panic attacks. I was in a hyper state of mind. When the world was shut down, I wanted to ride a cycle. And, my supportive husband Asad was all out to support me.

On Dealing With Trolling and Body Shaming  

There was a phase in my life when all I was doing was pleasing people and making them laugh. But as of now, I feel, it’s ok if people have a different opinion than mine. It’s ok that I don’t look a certain way. I wear what I feel like wearing; I don’t want to forget the idea of enjoying life while trying to fit in a particular size. Why do I have to look like someone to be beautiful. It’s not important anymore. I have accepted the idea of who I am.

On Losing Her Child

Me and Asad have seen the worst together so we are like what next? There’s an extreme sense of loss, I am still grieving. At one point, I was blaming myself, that I didn’t eat the right thing, or I should had lost weight before conceiving. My case was an emergency, I don’t want to call out the doctors but I will call out the system. In Pakistan, doctors have so many patients, so you are just another number for them. So, firstly, make sure that you take your gynecologist’s personal number. Secondly, you should always get an appointment fixed and then visit. It’s not a good thing to sit and wait for long hours. Thirdly, you should have a plan B, that if something goes wrong, who should be the person to take decisions on your behalf. When I got the news, I was in utter shock. I was given a paper to sign and then was taken to deliver the child. He was my first child, I will miss him all my life. My family was my biggest support, they stood by me like a rock.

Watch the complete episode of FWhy Podcast’ here:

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