Ismail Farid’s Latest ‘Printed Floral Shirts’ Will Hit You Right In The Trendy Feels!  

Ismail Farid

Men’s fashion trends and clothing styles are always changing. Printed shirts have evolved into the newest trends that are here to stay, from casual business attire to athleisure and loungewear. There are various ways to make your attire more flamboyant with printed shirts. It acts as the perfect playful canvas for all kinds of people, irrespective of your personal style.

Are you looking to up your style game? If yes, brighten your wardrobe with Ismail Farid’sNew Season Floral Printed Shirts’. The recent collection of shirts for men is perfect for both formal and casual occasions. The designer’s repertoire brings out the couturier’s design sensibility and it’s a delight to see the Greek god model Hasnain Lehri headlining the campaign.

Ismail Farid

The collection uses a palette that offers colors from orange, blue, off-white, dark navy, black and multiple colors that can easily be incorporated into your daily wear. The prints are clean, reflecting patterns like geometrical, black belt, chain prints, along with brush strokes. It offers comfort and style with quality fabric and is all about easy-breezy comfort so you can wear the shirts all day. Each shirt is expertly tailored to offer a silhouette that flatters various body types. Whether it’s a slim fit for a modern edge or a classic fit the range accommodates several trendy styles. The price ranges from PKR 5,800 to 8,800.

Breathe new life into your tried-and-tested combination of shirts. With a relaxed yet impactful effect, the wear-anywhere printed floral shirts by Ismail Farid will fill you with a blissful mood.

For the unversed, Ismail Farid, a well-established designer label initiated in 2005 and since then has become one of the leading menswear designer labels in Pakistan. The company has always had a very clear, unwavering, focus on quality, attention to detail and employs intricate and ingenious craftsmanship in garments.

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