Is Hussain Rehar’s Birthday Outfit a Blatant Copy from Netflix Series ‘Next in Fashion’?

Hussain rehar

The plagiaristic vein runs deep in Pakistani fashion, with far too many designers curbing their creativity. From newbies to veterans, designers don’t hesitate to replicate designs. The thin line between inspiration and chaapa (imitation) has recently come into the limelight, with focus largely on Pakistan’s hottest designer Hussain Rehar.


Real Issue


Rehar joins the burgeoning milieu of plagiarists when he was caught out plagiarizing for an outfit, he wore on his birthday party.



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The design on his coat was a blatant copy from Netflix series ‘Next in Fashion’.



Hussain rehar



What is Next in Fashion (NIF)


For the unversed, NIF is a Netflix reality show and fashion design competition series hosted by designers Tan France and Alexa Chung. It follows designers from around the world as they compete for the chance to win $250,000 and debut a collection on luxury fashion retailer site Net-a-Porter.


Is the Public Really Blind?


The design in question is the uncanny similarities between the two outfits. Why? Rehar is a rare talent best known for creating out-of-the-box design and this has been his USP.

We wonder what is the need for an established designer to slack off like this?


We agree to the fact that the design was used for his personal occasion but who knows we might end up seeing such stuff in his upcoming collection. Also, it doesn’t set a good example when the media and the crème de la crème of the design fraternity lambast one designer and choose to ignore the others with more clout.


Talking about Rehar’s credibility, three years into his career it was a brave move for him when he decided to fly solo with his collection ‘Nawabzaadiyan’ in October 2020. Such a step till date hasn’t been taken by any of his seniors, but Rehar with his unique aesthetic sense took the spotlight.


Final Word


Plagiarism is bringing down the standards of fashion in Pakistan, check and balances do need to be set. In the realm of the fashion world, the debate surrounding plagiarism boils down to creative inspiration versus imitation. Perhaps designers like Hussain Rehar needs to follow how ‘inspiration’ takes place in the international fashion scene.


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