HUNGAMA 2 Movie Review


Pridyadarshan returns to direct the sequel to his cult classic & to say the least- he has let down his own work. The film feels messy, chaotic &directionless from the get go & any improvement is negligible till the end. Ashutosh Rana & the adorable kids are the only saving grace. Pranitha Subhash, Rajpal Yadav & Tiku Talsania were fine whereas Meezan Jaffrey, Paresh Rawal & Shilpa Shetty try too hard to fit in. Rest of the cast is forgettable. Scenic locations, production design & few scenes are enjoyable. Inadequate editing, unnecessary subplots & scenes, plain bad jokes, horrible dubbing and the overall lack of direction make the film lifeless. In conclusion, this film still panders to a nicheaudience who might find it enjoyable. Watch it at your own discretion!

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