HSY: Empowering People with Disabilities through NOWPDP

Renowned designer, director, and television host Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, widely known as HSY, has been honored with the prestigious role of being the first-ever goodwill ambassador for the Network of Organizations Working for People with Disabilities, Pakistan (NOWPDP). This significant association highlights HSY’s unwavering commitment to promoting the organization’s noble cause.

 HSY’s partnership with NOWPDP extends beyond individual projects, showcasing a longstanding commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Through his association with NOWPDP, HSY has actively participated in awareness campaigns and fundraising initiatives to support the organization’s vital programs.

 One notable initiative was the Tuk Tuk March, an event held to celebrate the right to livelihood and transport of people with disabilities, with inclusivity as the primary focus, the march was meant to empower people with disabilities and encourage them to pursue their rights to work and mobility. HSY’s dedication to NOWPDP’s cause has earned him immense respect and admiration, solidifying his position as a staunch advocate for the rights and empowerment of individuals with disabilities in Pakistan and beyond.

 HSY’s collaboration with NOWPDP spans across multiple projects, showcasing his dedication to advancing the organization’s mission. One notable endeavor involved HSY designing remarkable school uniforms exclusively for children with special needs, completely free of charge. These unique uniforms were distributed personally by HSY himself at the organization’s school in Morilo Makraz, Karachi, during a heartfelt ceremony on 8th November 2021.

 In a remarkable display of solidarity, HSY has also been actively engaging volunteers from NOWPDP to contribute to his artistic creations. By incorporating their artworks into his designs, HSY not only showcases their talent but also provides them with an opportunity to earn a sustainable livelihood. Notably, a recent collaboration between HSY, NOWPDP, and the KASHF Foundation aimed to design a bridal outfit as part of a sustainable fashion project for a wedding. The designers at NOWPDP skillfully created stunning motifs, while the underprivileged women from various villages and small towns, associated with the KASHF Foundation, sourced and crafted intricate embroideries. The combined efforts of these talented individuals resulted in the creation of an awe-inspiring, eco-friendly bridal outfit integrating a sketch of the exquisite Shalimar Roses, created by one of the volunteers, for the HSY Bride, Umber Ahmad.

 HSY’s involvement with NOWPDP not only exemplifies his extraordinary talent and passion for fashion but also his deep-rooted commitment to empowering people with disabilities. By championing the cause of NOWPDP, HSY continues to make a profound impact on the lives of individuals with special needs, providing them with opportunities, dignity, and recognition they truly deserve.


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