High On Charm and Grandeur, The First Look Of ‘Jhoom’ Gets Our Attention!


Depicting age-gap relationships on screen is often met with skepticism. However such unconventional pairings do bring in a sense of novelty for the viewers. 7th Sky Entertainment has a penchant for throwing up something unexpected at times. Based on a similar plotline, the production house is set to roll out another magnum opus titled ‘Jhoom’.

‘Jhoom’ The Cast & Crew

The first promo of Jhoom is out and we are loving every fame of it. It gives an insight into the fragile love story that is held together with love and heartbreak in director Ali Faizan’s signature style. The upcoming drama serial brings together Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui and young Haroon Kadwani.  It is written by Hashim Nadeem Khan and directed by Ali Faizan. The cast also includes Haris Waheed, Haroon Shahid, Zainab Qayyum, Usman Peerzada, Rehma Rafiq, and Noreen Gulwani among others.

What’s Interesting?

Relationships are complicated and so are we. The plot follows the story of a young man falling in love with a much older woman. Their relationship hits a roadblock as society doesn’t approve of their marriage. Backed up with eye-catching visuals, grand sets, love, emotions and deceit, Jhoom promises entertainment in abundance. As reported by Gloss etc, “The drama evidently spans 15 episodes. This is rare, in times when drama episodes run on to over 30 in many cases.”

What To Expect?

Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi must be lauded for their brave efforts for bringing something new to the table every time. Zara and Haroon are in their element and their intense romantic chemistry comes across as refreshing. We can’t wait for the drama to unfold, Jhoom is yet to get a release date.

What do you think about the upcoming drama? Are you impressed? Tell us in the comments below!

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