Here’s Why ‘M By Mahira’ Is Strictly For The Raees

M By Mahira

From actor to producer, Mahira Khan juggles many hats. And just when you thought she couldn’t possibly manage anymore, the star surprised her fans by announcing the launch of her very own clothing line ‘M by Mahira’.

What does M by Mahira offer?

M channels Khan’s trademark, style, if you’re a fan, you’ll definitely recognize the actor’s vibe in the easy breezy cotton Kurta, embroidered neckline, oversized linen kurta, with lace details and wooden buttons, all made keeping the wearer’s comfort in mind. “For as long as I can remember, I feel most like myself in a simple Eastern wear. I could wear it every day, forever. I hope these pieces do the same for you because there isn’t a lovelier feeling than feeling like you.” Khan revealed about the brand.

The Absurd Pricing 

M by Mahira was live on 12th February, and within no time there was a massive outrage on social media. Overpriced, expensive, costly, fancy, and so on…. we can’t find the right adjective to define the shocking price of the collection. Skyrocketing from Rs. 12,800 for a single Kurta to 24950 for a shalwar – Kurta set and that too without a dupatta. Yes, you read it right. Instead of purchasing such expensive stuff, one can walk into Anarkali (Lahore) and Ashiyana (Karachi), buy the cloth, and get it stitched by a neighborhood tailor.

M By Mahira

Mahira Takes A U-Turn

Mahira Khan has that rare quality that despite being the biggest star of the country she keeps herself grounded. Her image over the years is clean, no catfights, no tantrums, and no drama on sets, in short, she’s a bowl of sugar and a self-proclaimed ‘aam insaan’.

Let’s make one thing clear, it is obvious that Mahira isn’t forcing anyone to buy her collection. But at least one expected that M by Mahira would offer something for everyone. Mahira seems to be too inspired by her Bollywood outing Raees. Case in point, her collections targets the Raees and not the Mutawassit Tabqa. The latter is struggling to make ends meet and don’t have the capacity to buy this overpriced collection? Can Mahira justify the prices keeping in mind the economic instability of the country?

Wait…There’s More

Adding more to the horror was the Razia collection being SOLD OUT within a wink of an eye. The brand had earlier mentioned that the pieces once sold wouldn’t be restocked. Well, God Knows Better. All we know is, keeping in view the economic turmoil of the country one really needs to be a Raees to buy M by Mahira.

M By Mahira

Is Mahira Khan duping her fans with her clothing line? Let us know in the comment section.

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