‘Hazaron Khuwahishain’ by Fahad Hussayn Will Delve Deep Into Your Soul!

Fahad Hussayn isn’t just a brilliant fashion designer, his eye for experimenting in his fashion films brings something extra to the table every time. Be it roping in singers Hassan and Roshaan or actor Kubra Khan or model Sabika Imam, Hussayn has stood out with flying colors.



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The designer once again brings something that makes us root for fashion. Hazaron Khuwahishain is an epic saga of the unconditional bond of love between mothers and daughters. The provocative fashion campaign features Hadiqa Kiani and the two have succeeded in touching our hearts. It narrates the story of a woman who raises her daughter with unconditional love. On her wedding day she gifts her beautiful jewelry, intricate clothes and sends her away.

Hussayn explained in detail the motto behind the campaign and said, “Hadiqa and I go back almost a decade, she is one of the most talented, composed and genuine artists I have ever come across. Some years ago Hadiqa and I met at an event, she told me she was focusing on her light classical and sufi music skills while working on extending her vocal range & I was so inspired by her constant need for learning and exploring more aspects to her art, sometime last year, while her acting career kicked off on a soaring scale she reached out to me for a look for some morning show, we met for the first time after the pandemic, in between talking about how torn she was about her mother’s health, she shared a piece of music sung by her that was written by her mother.”



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The song in the Hazaron Khuwahishain transports us into a gamut of emotions. It holds a special place in hear as it was the last kalam written by her late mother. ”I had particularly asked her to write poetry that was soft and followed classical lines. Once she had written it, the only name that came to my mind was of Ustad Baqir Abbas. I called him up and asked him if he could compose the music to a piece of poetry written by MaaJee. The composition he created is based in the Sindhi bhairavi raag. The colours of south Punjab are evident in the music and it’s a very intense piece of music, blended seamlessly with the lyrics,” she said.

What do you think of Fahad Hussayn’s Hazaron Khuwahishain?

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