Hania Aamir urges people to ‘Appreciate the Kind Souls who just want Good for you’

Hania Aamir
Hania Aamir vanished from the social media after a bunch of brutal incidents. Be it trolling on her clothes, her personal video with Aashir Wajahat (Son of Wajahat Rauf), her ex (Asim Ashar) bumping into the situation, all of it created a huge stir. Not just that, it got the industry divided into groups, one supporting Hania and the other Asim.   After a brief hiatus, Hania posted a positive note on her Instagram account. The crux of her post was ‘appreciate the people around you’  
She wrote: “There are so many distractions around us, so much noise. It makes us lose sight of the things and people we should be thankful for. We run after the people who have hurt us and cry for the people who have betrayed us, forgetting to be there for the ones who were our anchor when we had lost control.”  
She continued, “Sometimes we take the nicest people for granted just because they are available at any time without any questions. Appreciate the people who bring you joy, the kind souls who just want what’s good for you. Appreciate the ones who give without expecting anything in return, the ones who you can sit in silence with, have a conversation at any time of the night with, the ones you never ask how they are doing and they never bring it up either.”   Aamir concluded her post, “Their efforts might seem insignificant; because they probably weren’t the reason of some big event in your life; but they are the ones who keep you going. Appreciate and give back to these beautiful selfless people. They are rare.”   Hats off to Hania for coming out as a strong girl after being a victim of cyberbullying and fighting personal battles on public platforms.   On the work front Hania will next be seen in Wajahat Rauf’s next feature film ‘Parde Mein Rehne Do’ starring Ali Rehman.  
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