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We love our dramas and can’t imagine life without them. Besides entertaining and creating social awareness, dramas also give us some melodious original soundtracks (OSTs) that stay with us for long. Many at times a good OST attracts viewers towards a particular project. From feel good numbers, groovy numbers to love ballads the year so far has had one for every mood. We at Fashion Times have picked 8 best OSTs from the first half of 2021.  Read on…




Listeners who seek for a soul-stirring number ‘Sanwal’ came across as food for the heart and soul. The composition by Riaz Ali Khan and strong vocals by Vicky Akbar grapples you with fierce intensity and refuses to let go. The catchy lyrics by Farhat Abbas Shah kind of symbolise the inner journey of the lead protagonist. The last episode of Raqs-e-Bismil made it to the top trending list giving the fans hope for a sequel.

Pehli Si Muhabbat


The highly anticipated drama turned out to be a mega success. The icing on the cake was its powerful OST by Ali Zafar. Composed by Gohar Mumtaz and written by Asad Shah the OST won’t stop you from listening to it again and again. The best part is that Zafar nevertheless had some tough notes to deal with but he managed it quite effortlessly.

Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3


You start to wander in an imaginative world once you hear this OST. The king of OSTs Naveed Nashad’s composition is top notch. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice is heartfelt and comes out even more prominent because of the poetic lyrics by Qamar Nashad.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay

One of the rare OSTs you like it from the first hearing. Kudos Yashal Shahid! Her voice brings a modern twist to a very catchy tune. It takes you on a high with its meaningful lyrics by Sabir Zafar. Azaan Sami Khan does a great job in composing his first OST for a drama serial. The track has already garnered 3.1 million views within two weeks of its release.




This is one of those tracks you may not hook instantly. But the simplicity and softness will slowly mesmerize you. Composed by Farhan Zaheer, lyrics by Warda Lodhi, and soulful singing by Kiran Waseem and Tehseen W. Chishty makes this track a must keep in our music players.



The OST of Shenai is beautiful from the word GO. Asim Azhar does a great job singing each line and makes a web of peppy lyrics come together into a memorable song you can always get onto. Nehal Naseem as the female vocalist is good too. The composition by Qasim Azhar and Hassan Ali is full of energy that sure will have you on your toes in the next wedding season.




One couldn’t help but hit the repeat button again and wish that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan should croon for television more often. Composer Naveed Nashad opts for minimal orchestration to make the truth of the verses more organic. Lyricist Ahson Talish & Qamar Nashad imagery coupled with Naveed’s subtle touch takes you on a voyage where words and sounds create a rhythm of their own. A rhythm certainly to be played on ‘Repeat’ mode.





Amanat Ali projects the pain and angst in this OST with great élan.  His voice is fresh and he sings the high-pitched portions with ease. Lyrics by Saji Gul are poetic; It’s a song that is easy on the ears. Interspersed with Elizabeth Rai voice, this one is a likeable and a catchy love ditty.


Which OST is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.


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