Grooms-To-Be, Bookmark Deepak Perwani’s ‘Shalimar Menswear 2021’ For That Dapper Look


There’s no denying that grooms have taken their wedding fashion to the next level. While we’re used to seeing them playing it safe with a sherwani, some grooms aren’t shy to go off-track. And that’s when they catch our eyes. But we’re talking about the guru of the fashion world Deepak Perwani here, and you know that it’s going to get interesting. His grooms give their brides some good competition in the outfit department. And we LOVE it!


Steep into tradition with Deepak’s latest wedding wear collection Shalimar Menswear 2021 featuring an amalgamation of decadence and contemporary hues handcrafted classic masterpieces. It’s an ode to old-world nostalgia woven into silhouettes for today with delicate hand embroidery and impeccable tailoring.


Steal inspiration from ‘Shalimar Menswear 2021’, moreover, you can trust Deepak Perwani to work his magic to make you shine on your wedding day.


Statement in Off White


Off-white seems to be a popular choice of color for weddings. Opt for this off white jamawar prince coat with hand-embroidered collar paired with a white raw silk trouser. Ace your look with a beige gold organza turban with hand-printed pattern.







Men in Black


Black doesn’t seem to be the go-to color choice for many when it comes to weddings. We couldn’t help but marvel at this classic black raw silk prince coat and trouser. The intricately detailed hand embroidery on the coat and hand-worked buttons add a royal touch. We just can’t stop gazing at the beige gold organza turban with hand-printed pattern.




Slaying in Green


We love it when grooms break the monotony and opt for hues such as green for their wedding looks. The groom in the bright Emerald Green outfit means business and is here to grab all the attention. The raw silk prince coat paired with trousers with sleek detailed hand embroidery is to die for. We are drooling over the black organza turban with hand printed pattern.





Millennial in Maroon


Perwani’s range as a designer is unmatched and the Shalimar collection still has surprises left to be unfolded. Once in a while, we see some grooms who not only opt for maroon but also manage to carry them off. Just like this raw silk prince coat and trouser. The detailed hand embroidery on the coat and hand-worked buttons adds richness to the outfit. Not to miss is the elegant organza turban with hand-printed pattern.



Rocking in Burgundy and How


In case you are looking for more color options, well, make a statement just like him in a deep burgundy raw silk prince coat and trouser and have all eyes on you. Don’t miss out on the hand embroidery on the coat. Hell yeah, look how handsome he looks in a black organza turban with hand-printed pattern.






Now, that you are flooded with some WOW options from the top clothing brand in Pakistan. You must save the one that you truly adore.


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