‘Ghazab Kurriye’ From Babylicious Is A Lovable Track With An Infectious Rhythm!


Ever since the trailer of Babylicious came out, it was a given that the music would bring with it an immense youthful appeal. With a good mix of soft melodic numbers to dance hits, the album with its composers, lyricists and singers turns out to be a foot-tapping affair.

The new song from the film ‘Ghazab Kurriye’ is very classy, with ounces of massy appeal. It’s a breezy wedding dance track written by Shakeel Sohail (Late) and doesn’t have a single dull moment. The song is aided by some eye catchy choreography that would appeal to young and family audiences alike. The terrific number is sung with aplomb by Ahmed Jahanzeb and Jonita Gandhi. ‘Ghazab Kurriye’ fits well into the film’s mood, setting and ambiance.

Syra Yousuf and Ankur Rathee put their dancing stage on fire with their quick and swift dance moves. Adrian David Emmanuel beautiful beats give the much-needed thump to it. The amalgamation of the music and lyrics build up your mood for a wedding. ‘Ghazab Kurriye’ is an instant hit and is already leading from the top of the charts. The song registers its presence instantly, one can’t help but play it on in a repeated mode.

Earlier in an interview, the lead actors spoke about the film, Shehroz Sabzawari said, “The film has its own world. It is a combo of a chick flick, a rom-com, and a love story. It’s a feel-good popcorn film, if you want to grab some popcorn and nachos and watch a feel-good nice chick flick making you a little happy, sad and excited Babylicious is that film.”  According to Syra Yousuf, “The first half however is very thought-provoking. The idea of love and how love should be has evolved over the years. So there’s a lot to question and think about but primarily Babylicious is a pure love story. Also, the music of the film is very strong. It has a mix of sweet, soulful, sad and fun songs.”  

Babylicious will release worldwide on Eid-ul-Adha 2023.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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