GhabranaNahi Hai song ‘Jhanjarya’ sees Saba Qamar ooze gorgeousness in every frame

A fun-loving dance number from Saqib Khan’s upcoming film GhabranaNahi Hai, is out and is as enjoyable as it can get. Titled Jhanjarya, the song is fast-paced and has all the three main lead actors; Saba Qamar, Zahid Ahmed and Syed Jibran grooving to Waqar Ali’s foot-tapping music.

The song was shared by Qamar on her Instagram handle with a caption that read, “Jhanjarya from GhabranaNahi Hai is out today. Check out this dance number I had a ton of fun being a part of and let me know what you think. ”

This hip-swinging and mellowish numberhas insistent beats, with electrifying vocals by Jabar Abbas, Neha Chaudhry &Zoheb Hassan. The lyrics by S.K Khalish are in sync with the tune, the choreography by Nigah Hussain gives off a whiff of desi touch. Or perhaps that’s intentional, given the movie’s mass appeal.Zahid and Jibran are the reason for the girls to look forward to this song and guys will drool over Saba Qamar for sure.

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Saba Qamar not just oozes gorgeousness in every frame but is also impressing us with her oomph. Zahid and Jibran are trying hard to impress her. The number is really peppy and the star cast adds tremendous energy to the song.It will surely manage to hit the right numbers as far as chartbusters are concerned. Check out the song, and drop some comments in the section below:



GhabranaNahi Haiis directed by Saqib Khan and produced by Jamil Baig and Hassan Zia.ย 

The film is also led by a strong supporting cast that includes Nayyar Ejaz, Afzal Khan (Rambo), Saleem Meraj, Sohail Ahmed, Junaid Akram, Dodi Khan and others.GhabranaNahi Hai will release on Eid-ul-Fitr 2022.

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