‘Ghabrana Nahi Hai’ Trailer Review: A love Triangle, Drama with lots of Charm  


Ghabrana Nahi Hai trailer has finally hit the internet and left all of us swayed. When it’s Saba Qamar, coming together with heartthrob Zahid Khan, and Syed Jibran with special appearances by Nayyar Ejaz, Afzal Khan, and Saleem Mairaj you know you’re in for a ride. Ghabrana Nahi Hai directed by Saqib Khan is a film that showcases a corrupt police officer, offers a love triangle, lots of drama along with various themes of corruption.

The Premise


Clocked at around 2 minutes and 37 seconds the trailer begins with Zahid Ahmed, a police officer who falls for Saba Qamar. The latter plays an influencer turned actress. It comes across as very clear that Nayyer Ejaz is the villain. We see Syed Jibran playing the role of a friend maybe fiancée who is jealous of Zahid. In a series of shocking events, Saba’s character joins Nayyer’s camp. The premise is smartly kept under wraps and we have to wait and watch the film to explore what will happen.




Serious, fun, romantic, and thrilling, the trailer will keep you hooked till the last seconds. The dialogues are hard-hitting and stay with you, though the film has a brilliant message about how women are being undermined and are pushed to take the power back. Relevant and topical, the film has commercial essence smeared all over it.


Till then take a look at this star-studded trailer



Top Trending

For the unversed, as soon as the trailer was released, within 24 hours the movie took over Twitter by storm and reached No 1. Spot on Twitter Trending list.

Final Word

From the looks of it, Ghabrana Nahi Hai seems to be a perfect Eid release that has all the ingredients of a mass entertainer. The film has the probability to rake in moolah at the box office and prove to be a successful venture for its makers.




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