From Rodale Lashari to Shiza & Fizza: Checkout Top 5 Comic Videos Of Ali Gul Pir In 2022

Ali Gul Pir

Comedy is a fiction genre that comprises discourses or works designed to be hilarious or entertaining through producing laughter, particularly in the theatre, film, stand-up comedy, television, radio or any other kind of entertainment. With the advent of social media, stand-up comedians took the opportunity to entertain people through the medium. With 282K followers on Instagram, comedian and social media influencer Ali Gul Pir earn a top spot for his art of recreating videos imitating and acting out different characters himself.

We at Fashion Times Magazine have shortlisted the best of Ali Gul Pir comic videos of 2022 

Rodale Lashari

The recent video making rounds on the internet is the hilarious conversation between a local TV anchor and Rohail Lashari. The original clip was shot at the movie screening of The Legend of Maula Jatt where the host unknowing was interviewing director Bilal Lashari’s younger brother Rohail. Ali Gul Pir’s expressions, postures and gestures simply tickled our funny bones. For the unversed Rohail Lashari has added this new name to his Instagram description as well.

Shiza Fizza Swap

Ever since the clip from actor Kiran Tabeer’s anthology series ‘Haqeeqat’ (Epsiode ‘Judwaa) went viral, fans were anxiously waiting for Ali Gul Pir’s reaction to it. And it happened. The Shiza Fizza swap recreation turned out to be a huge hit minting 350, 579 views to date.

Hira Mani’s Running and Body Shaming Combo

Beauty without brains, Hira Mani is famous for making bobos left right and center. In a viral interview clip, Hira was thankful and proud that her husband body shamed her to a huge extent that eventually made her lose weight. The immature statement was translated so well by Ali Gul Pir that the video has got 30,058 views on Instagram.

Anaya Ki Mama VS Anaya Ki Miss

Another mad capper video was recreated from a WhatsApp voice note where Anaya’s mother is asking some weird queries regarding Anaya’s SST subject. Her suggestion to replace Mosque with Mos-que and Mosquito came across as weird, but Ali Gul Pir’s amazing facial expressions made it super fun.

Intermittent or Intermediate Fasting 

How can we conclude the article without having Nida Yasir on the list? After the humungous success of the Formula 1 video, a group of health experts on Nida’s morning show discussing intermittent fasting sent shockwaves across the country. Making the most out of the clip, Ali Gul Pir gave it a fun angle using Miftah Ismail and the cocomo controversy.


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