Maheen Khan Steals the Show with her Opening act at FPW Winter Gala 2021

FPW Winter Gala 2021

Maheen Khan has been revolutionizing the fashion industry in Pakistan for around five decades. She may be one of the most senior designers with 49 years of experience in the industry, but Khan’s spirit is certainly young.  The chairperson of the Fashion Pakistan Council has an eye about the intricate detailing of the craft; showing the industry’s juniors the way it should be done.

The FPW Winter Gala 2021 opening act started with a bang with the veteran designer’s collection. There were casual wear two-pieces with sharp-edged collars, fuss-free with frills and laces popping here and there. The models shone in classic silhouettes with superb cuts.

FPW Winter Gala 2021 FPW Winter Gala 2021 FPW Winter Gala 2021


The audience was further stunned with flawless floral pant saris that were eye-catching, with vibrant colors. The designer added dimensions to the traditional sari look to give it more boldness and edginess. One could easily handpick some of these for a party.  A big round of applause to Jafferjees who put out some of their signature luxury handbags in various shapes that went very well with the clothes.

FPW Winter Gala 2021

Ideally, Fashion Galas should be a platform where new sartorial benchmarks are set in motion. The highlight of the show for us was the unique mix and match of prints and the contemporary silhouettes maintaining a touch of tradition. The classic Maheen Khan delivered not just a show but an experience. This is what we love you for, Maheen!

Stay tuned to Fashion Times Magaazine for more designer reviews from the FPW Winter Gala 2021

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