Faysal Quraishi’s Character Haider, A Forgiving Husband or A Traditional Man?


The most recent episode of ‘Futoor’ aired this week and things got a lot juicier! The drama has made waves with fans across the country and has been one of the highest rated series of the season. With a narrative that just leaves you wanting more, it’s impossible to miss even one episode. Faysal Quraishi once again blew us away as his character Haider, who rose above heartbreak and used his pain to make himself a better man. Trying his level best to leave his past behind, Haider’s character evolved from a lost lover to a loyal husband in the span of a few episodes. As we know, throughout the series, he made tremendous efforts to sweep his past under the rug and live in the present moment. However, with Mehmal (Kiran Haq) back in the picture, things take a turn. As the apparent antagonist of the series, she maliciously tries to crack every code in the book to win him back. Haider, however, is a man of strong principles and a traditional mindset who stays true to his commitments. Thus, he remains an honest and loyal husband who would never do anything to betray his wife’s trust. Mehmal’s efforts have failed thus far but the latest episode revealed a truth about Dilnasheen’s (Hiba Bukhari) past which left Haider perplexed.


As the story unravels, Mehmal continues to threaten Dilnasheen about her past lover and lure Haider into leaving his marriage behind. Furthermore, Dilnasheen overhears Haider speaking to Mehmal, who was trying to convince him to leave his wife so they could get married in secret. This left Dilnasheen feeling helpless as it threatens to reveal everything about her past including her affair with Hamza. Throughout the episode, Haider reassures her that he would never leave her side no matter what obstacle comes in the way because he is a faithful man who values truth above everything. He reiterates that he hates lies, telling them or hearing them. During this conversation, we can see Dilnasheen is experiencing a flashback where she recalls him telling her that one of the reasons he married her was because she was the first and the last man in her life. What’s most interesting about Haider’s character is that he projects an idealistic image on his wife, where he values her purity and how she has never been with anyone else.


Dilnasheen tells Haider she is scared of losing him and is quite wary of Mehmal. Hearing this, Haider once again showcases his protective and caring husband tendencies. He then heads over to Mehmal’s room and tells her to stop causing conflicts between him and his wife. He assures her that despite her continuous efforts the two of them are at crossroads and will never unite. Towards the end of the episode, Mehmal arrives at Haider’s office and continues to manipulate him against Dilnasheen but he stands firm in his conviction that his wife’s heart is clean and pure. When she sees her efforts failing, Mehmal lets out the secret about Hamza. She then tells Haider to inquire about him from Dilnasheen. After he hears the news, Haider is evidentially flushed. Even though he is extremely distressed, tells Mehmel that he is not like other men who will put their wives in a courtroom due to their past and therefore, won’t ask Dilnasheen anything.


In the teaser for the upcoming episode, we can see that Mehmal gives Haider proof regarding Dilnasheen’s affair pre-marriage until he eventually confronts her. As the story takes an interesting turn, the audience is curious to see how Haider will react to Dilnasheen’s past. Will he be a trusting husband and forgive her? Will he continue to be faithful or will he stand firm on his inability to accept her past? We’ll just have to tune it on Tuesday at 8pm to find out!

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