Faysal Quraishi Shows His Support For Aijaz Aslam and Speaks Against Deception In Sports


It’s no lie that people in our country love sports; I mean some would even go as far as to say it’s their first love. One of the most popular sports amongst our citizens, however, is cricket. As one of those sports that is simply adored no matter if it’s in the big leagues, on a national level or local community teams playing, it is undoubtedly one of the most pivotal joys we hold. Of course, several celebrities also enjoy the sport, but only few more so than actor, producer, and TV host Faysal Quraishi, who has always been quite vocal about his love for the gentleman’s sport. Quraishi is also part of a cricket team, alongside other A-listers, with the name of Showbiz Sharks. The team has had several matches, one of the most famous is the match played at the beautiful Gwadar Cricket Stadium. However, recently actor Aijaz Aslam (also a teammate in the Showbiz Sharks) spoke out concerning some troubles with singer Tehseen Javaid (the owner of the Showbiz Sharks), who was disrespectful towards some players and was creating politics between the team members.


In a recent video, Aijaz Aslam voiced his concerns regarding the whole ordeal, stating the blatant unfairness of Tehseen Javaid’s actions. He also expressed that many teammates held complaints against the former singer but couldn’t speak their minds because of Javaid’s credentials. He posted a clip with the caption, “Some people don’t learn and we keep on giving them chances in respect of the credentials they hold but when they don’t understand we have to make them understand, for all the sponsors who have their brand names on the kits, I’m sure they are paying for the branding but none of the players get anything out of it, we have been playing cricket for our own enjoyment & fun, not for politics & if anyone brings in politics & mess up with our little joy we will not tolerate.”

faysal qureshi

Faysal Quraishi further reached out to support his friend and colleague explaining that Aslam’s concerns held true. “I stand by what Aijaz Aslam has stated regarding sports and sponsorships for all parties involved in the game. Not because Aijaz is a friend but because it’s simply unethical to manipulate anyone in order to extract profit from them. Everybody should benefit especially if a group comes together with no motive other than the love of sports.”


As someone who voices the importance of justice in sports and otherwise, Faysal Quraishi has always been an advocate of fair systems. Consistently voicing his support for all games, the actor continues to be a force when it comes to doing the right thing.



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