Faysal Quraishi Sets An Example For The Youth Of Pakistan By Teaching Them The Value Of Education On Child Labour Day

FQ- Child Labour Day

Despite all efforts to eradicate child labour, we still see far too many children working from a very young age. The term ‘Child Labour’  is often defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, potential, and dignity or harmful labour which disrupts their physical or mental development. Especially during Covid-19, a surge of children from low-income families are forced to work for the sake of their families. We know all too well that our younger generations are meant to build our society and the best way to do that is through education. Thus, in honor of Child Labour Day, ace actor, producer, and host Faysal Quraishi once again set an example for the youth of Pakistan by teaching them the value of education above all else. In a recent LIVE video, he went on to impart the same wisdom to his own children by sharing an insightful story authored by acclaimed Pakistani children’s writer, Amra Alam.

FQ- Child Labour Day

Faysal Quraishi recited the narrative, titled ‘Matki’, a tale about a little girl named ‘Matki’ who would accompany her mother to work around the house for a well-off family. The house belonged to a married couple and their seven-year-old daughter, Nadia. Towards the end of the story, Nadia’s father discusses how shameful it is that underprivileged children in Pakistan have not been taught the importance of schooling and are still made to work despite there being a ban on child labour from the UNO. This leads Nadia to question why Matki doesn’t go to school or work. Hearing these words from their young daughter, Nadia’s parents admitted that before looking at the atrocities in the whole country, they should start helping people within their own homes. The very next day Nadia’s mother and Matki’s mother went to the nearest school and got her admission where it was discovered that her name was ‘Iqra’ meaning ‘to read’. Iqra was now given the opportunity to receive her education much like every child deserves, leading to a brighter future for her as well as her family.


Concluding with the moral of the story, Faysal Quraishi closed the LIVE session by sharing a powerful message with the Pakistani audience. He stated that if we could help even one child receive their education, it will enable them as well as their families for the rest of their lives in a way that would guarantee a brighter future. He reiterates how important such edification is to children and how the same laws which are applied in foreign countries about child labour policies should be implemented in Pakistan as well. After all, children are the future, so we have to make sure they get the opportunities to flourish as they were always meant to.

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