Faysal Quraishi Is The Host We Can Never Get Enough Of

Incredibly gifted with a golden touch, Faysal Quraishi is many things, an excellent actor, a producer, and most of all an absolutely phenomenal television host. He has hosted many entertaining shows, including “Muskurati Mornings with Faysal Quraishi” on TVOne to “Jeet ka Dum” on HUM TV. His most recent show “Ramzan Mein Bol” on BOL TV, and it is truly a Ramazan blessing to see how well he hosts. His drama serials have already won our hearts and hosting just reflects his diversity on the screen all more. The way he completely transforms himself into a character is a true skill only an icon like him can master. But today we’re taking a look at how amazing his hosting is.

Whether it be singing competitions or interviews, Faysal has a knack for hosting as he makes everyone feel welcome and included. He is able to keep the conversation going smoothly and make the entire show progress more fluidly which makes it appear more organic. The show is usually full of fun segments where there are prizes to be won for the winners of the singing competitions, and riveting talks with different guests.

Everyone knows that in order to be a good host, you have to be well equipped for unforeseen circumstances. Faysal always knows just what to do if there is ever such a situation, for example when they ran into technical issues with the mic during the singing competition. Faysal made sure to keep the show going while maintaining a calm demeanor and figuring out the situation. It is the job of the host to maintain composure and keep things going smoothly and he pulled it off effortlessly, as can be expected from his stellar career as a television host.

As the shows go on, so does Faysal Quraishi’s career where he has cemented himself as one of the top celebrities with multiple talents under his name. His Ramdan show has truly been an amazing experience for all those who watched, with a lot of fun moments and memories. This Ramzan, he made our days all the more delightful by inviting several superstars including the likes of Yasir Hussain, Aijaz Aslam, Javed Sheikh, and several other notable names who discussed topics that were in perfect celebration of the holy month. On the other hand his game show ‘Khush Raho Pakistan’ was also a treat for viewers who couldn’t get enough of his presence on the fun-fuelled shows.

Now that Ramzan is over and Faysal Quraishi’s mega-hit drama Dil-e-Momin just wrapped up, we are truly missing his amazing personality on our screens as he always brings the best of what he does and puts his heart into his work. Quraishi currently has several other projects in the pipeline and we can’t wait to see this awesome A-lister do what he does best yet again!

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