Fashion Times revisits the best on-screen outfits of 2021

outfits of 2021

The television industry of Pakistan and fashion go hand in hand. Come to think of it, they both have massively influenced each other. Fashion has always given the characters of dramas a distinguished definition and inspired many fashion trends; be it wedding attires or casual outfits and has been doing so since forever. The audiences have looked up to actors for fashion and personal inspiration.

Over the years, we’ve seen female leads change the way the fashion scene looked in their time. The year 2021 was no different. From Iqra Aziz’s breathtaking ethnic numbers in ‘Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3’ to Ayeza Khan’s spunky wear in ‘Chupke Chupke’, we at Fashion Times Magazine pick the best on-screen outfits of 2021.


Maya Ali


When the first look Pehli Si Muhabbat was unveiled, it elicited a collective feel and Maya Ali was a sight to behold. Stunning Faiza Saqlain’s red raw silk kurti and gharara with a beautiful mix of florals using sheesha work, sequins, pitta, naqshi work had the biggest impact. 124,374 likes later, it was one of the defining looks of the year – along with the rest of Saqlain’s impossibly glamorous wardrobe, of course. Her character Rakshee epitomized the ‘girl you would like to take home to mom’ look. Apart from the grand outfits, she was dressed in simple, everyday colors and clothes giving her a mesmerizing look.

maya ali

Saboor Aly


Saboor Aly is captivating in Amanat, but equally alluring are her upbeat mod dresses. While the actress ‘Coral Reef’ ensemble by Sana Abbas attracted much of media space, Aly’s other selections were impeccable – the bell bottoms as well as some very pretty short shirts and trousers. Our favorite outfits of 2021? This black-colored sharara by Zainab Chotani is so swoon-worthy it makes you forget about the watta satta storyline.

outfits of 2021

Iqra Aziz  


Since Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 began airing in February, its lead, Iqra Aziz (who plays Mahi), has served up a plethora of traditional sharara, gharara and choridars designed by Nomi Ansari, Faiza Saqlain and Faraz Abid Sheikhu. Her most notable outfit? It’s difficult to say, but we think this red SFK bridal dress takes the top spot.

outfits of 2021

 Ayeza Khan

Ayeza taught us to go quirky and funky through her outfit selection in Chupke Chupke. We went awestruck over those collared shirts, colorful prints with buttoned details. The cute kurta’s paired with jeans and khussas became a rage. From colorful bracelets, hairpins, rings, clips to headbands, Meenu gave us major playful style statements through her accessories as well.

outfits of 2021

Kiran Haq


It goes without saying that when Kiran Haq was cast to play the vicious loving villain, Mehmal, plenty of stylish moments fawn over us – and we were truly surprised. Of the many impeccable outfits crafted by designer Wajahat Mansoor, perhaps the most memorable was the red sari she wore with a golden belt around her waist. Also of note was the choice of make-up that stood out in stark contrast to the regular mainstream fare. Metallic eye shadows and colored liners of various hues. Glossed lips and rugged matte finish made Haq a true goddess.



Which of the outfits are your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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