Fashion Times (Review): Taha G and Aima Baig’s ‘Rent Free’ is a Youthful and Revitalizing Take on Romance!

Aima Baig

Love is lingering in the air as the new single Rent Free, featuring the King and Queen of pop, dropped on the internet recently. After giving blockbuster hits individually Taha G and Aima Baig come together for the first time for this modern ballad. Reviving the essence of everlasting love, Rent Free finds Aima a doctor and Taha G as the patient reflecting on a romantic relationship.

You can watch the music video ‘Rent Free” in the space above

The catchy and high on energy track is penned by Taha G – Ahad Husain and produced by DefStarz. Rent Free stirs the heartstrings emotionally. The millennials should put on their dancing shoes and boom with energy to rejoice in love. The foot tapping number embodies’ eye-catching neon visuals creating various objects that surely raise the bar. The set-up looks fascinating and is exposed well in this video. A major brownie point goes to the creative team for literally raising the level for upcoming makers.

The cinematography also deserves a bow, as best of all happening, is captured wisely and is outshining. The lighting and costumes are stealing the show. The track isn’t just a visual treat showcasing the intense chemistry between the pop stars, but also a melodious treat that listeners will long remember.

We also get to see a better version of Taha G in the track. Singing is obviously what he is best at but his looks and appearance are something we are super impressed with. Aima does not just give her best in terms of her singing abilities but surprises us big time with her expressions and dancing skills. Rent Free by is bound to get you grooving. The song is out now on YouTube and all major streaming platforms.

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