Fashion Times (Review): ‘Siyani’ is a Deliciously Wicked Mass Entertainer!


In a fiercely competitive entertainment industry where production houses pump huge sums of money to make the drama work, 7th Sky Entertainment through its inclination towards good content is ruling the industry left, right and center. Helmed by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the dynamic duo has emerged as pave-changers as producers by showcasing versatility to the viewers with content from a neutral and realistic perspective in all genres. Their latest endeavor Siyani is a deliciously wicked mass entertainer that is keeping the viewers glued to their TV screens. Let’s Review…

Siyani: The Plot

Siyani is the story of Kiran (Anmol Baloch) a stubborn, arrogant and ill-mannered girl who wants to change her lower-class status at any cost. She is flirtatious and eyes rich boys on social media to seek marriage. Her mother Nusrat Ara (Beena Chaudhary) is well aware of her daughter’s cunning nature. Instead of stopping her, she supports Kiran’s evil schemes. There’s another track of Ujala (Saniya Shamshad) a beautiful and well-mannered person who lives with Kiran’s family. She is ill-treated by Kiran and Nusrat Ara and hence couldn’t achieve her goals in life.

One day Zarbab (Mohsin Abbas Haider) sees Kiran at a wedding and falls in love with her. Zarbab is young, rich, and hails from a wealthy family. The twist in the tale occurs when Kiran cheats Ujala by replacing her prize bond worth Rs. 1.5 crores. Kiran changes her status and fools Zarbab’s family and gets married. Zarbab’s brother Zohaib (Usama Khan) starts liking Ujala and offers her a marriage proposal, which she rejects.

Standout Aspects

Director Ali Akbar is in complete command of the narrative. Everything is so well synchronized that the result of each episode leaves you awe-struck. Right from the choice of subject, to the choice of actors, to the nail-biting moments, this intriguing family saga works big time. Writer Sadia Akhtar has several moments that merit a mention. The best part is, that the writing is full of energy and surprises. It would be foolhardy to single out a few sequences since the play gathers speed from its inception itself.

Layered Characters and Stellar Acts Make Siyani Extraordinary

Every actor in Siyani puts his/her best foot forward. Osama Khan has been coming up with sparkling portrayals in projects like Tabrez, Sanwari, Ghalati, Haqeeqat and Doobara. Siyani utilizes the actor’s potential to the fullest. Mohsin Abbas Haider is so perfect. The actor carries a complex character with aplomb. Saniya Shamshad looks stunning and delivers her best work so far. She’s superb. Anmol Baloch is a complete surprise. The actress looks gorgeous, but most importantly, her character gives her ample opportunity to shine right from the word go.

Final Word

On the whole, Siyani is a superb entertainer all the way. The masses connect and relate with the performances big time. Will Ujala ever find the love and respect that she deserves? After building her life on lies and deception, how long will Kiran be able to conceal the truth? Watch Siyani, daily at 9:00 pm at Geo Entertainment.

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