Fashion Times (Review): Simple, Sweet & Endearing Moments Makes ‘Chand Tara’ An Enjoyable Ride!

Chand Tara

Over the years Ramadan special dramas have become a staple on prime time. The trend was started by mega hit Suno Chanda followed by successful projects like Chupke Chupke, Hum Tum, Chaudhry and Sons and Paristan. The idea to get entertained with a light hearted comic show in Ramadan works big time. And 2023 is no different.

Director Danish Nawaz once again teams up with HUM TV with another Ramadan special ‘Chand Tara’. He ropes in real life couple Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan in leading roles. With a stellar cast and Nawaz Midas touch, did Chand Tara managed to impress? Let’s Analyze.

The Plot

Chand Tara is the story of Sarim Gulzar – Chand (Danish Taimoor) and Naintara – Tara (Ayeza Khan) madly in love with each other. Chand is a software engineer and Tara is a doctor by profession. They hail from different worlds with entirely different dynamics.

Chand’s lives with his elaborate joint family that consist of his father Gulzar (Rehan Sheikh) who’s the CEO of a wedding planning company. His younger brothers Saleem (Adnan Jaffer) and Mateen (Danish Nawaz) also look after the business. Savera (Ghazal Siddiqui) and Saleem are a couple and their son Hashim (Ashir Wajahat) is a Tik Toker. Mehnaz (Madiha Iftikhar) is married to Mateen. Chand’s sister Mala (Romaisa Khan) loves to play basketball and aims to pursue it as a career.

The bone of contention in their love story is Tara’s mother Dr. Raziya (Saba Faisal) who isn’t in the favour of marrying her daughter in a joint family system. She herself became a victim of the cons of the system, resultantly she got separated with her husband. She doesn’t want Tara to face the same situation. What happens next forms the rest of the play.

What We Liked

Chand Tara comes across as a breath of fresh air as it thankfully doesn’t offer the done and dusted cousin marriage angle nor a neighborhood love story. Making a conscious effort to avoid cliché, the narrative rustles up a bunch of pleasant surprises in the form of some unforgettable scenes that stay in your head long after the episodes are over. Like that one in which Dr. Raziya visits Chand Nagar, or the heart warming support of Chand towards Mala when goes through the cons of the toxic rishta culture. It’s the play’s excellent dialogue that ensures there’s never a dull moment. The characters are well written and have their own identity. Comic elements such as the conversations between the members of Chand Nagar make up for a fun watch. Danish and Ayeza establish their characters in entertaining scenes. The supporting cast also makes the enterprise an enjoyable ride.

Verdict So Far

Chand Tara bursts lovely little moments in abundance that’ll bring a smile to your face.

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