Fashion Times (Review): Nauroz Takes A Flawless Start!

Green Entertainment is akin to a whiff of fresh air. Within two weeks of its launch, the channel surprised and entertained viewers with top-notch content. One of the prominent dramas ‘Nauroz’ starring Mawra Hocane as the protagonist grabbed eyeballs with its initial promos. So did Nauroz meet the audience’s expectations? Let review…

Nauroz: The Plot

 Nauroz begins with Darwaish Khan (Shamyl Khan) narrating a story to her young daughter Rishtina. She doesn’t have access to the outer world and is restricted to living in the basement of the house. The story moves forward with a monologue and the little girl turns 20. Enter Mawra Hocane as the grown-up Rishtina. It’s time for her to explore the world but unfortunately, her mother dies. Darwaish is clueless about what to do.

In another story, viewers get to know about Darwiash’s childhood friend Arghaman who marries for the second time due to an unhappy first marriage. His father Karvaan Khan (Manzar Sehbai) breathes fire to see Arghaman’s daughter from her second wife. He threatens to kill her but he escapes and handover the child to Darwaish. Arghaman dies of a heart attack after being brutally beaten by Karvaan Khan and his troop.

Rishtina is shocked to know about her reality. She further gets horrified to know about her mother’s death. Darwaish feels that her daughter isn’t safe in the house so he decides to send her to Islamabad at a friend’s place. Unfortunately, Karvaan Khan’s son watches the two heading toward the bus stand.

Shamyl And Mawra Steal the Show in Nauroz

Episode one and two was ruled by Shamyl Khan. He is in top form and handles the part with panache. He gets the maximum screen time and pulls off a complex character effortlessly. Shamyl is an underrated actor we hope that Nauroz will open more bigger avenues for him. Ditto for Mawra Hocane who leaves a tremendous mark as Rishtina. Her casting is spot on. She fits the bill perfectly and gets into the skin of the character like never before.

Verdict So Far

Nauroz is off to a flawless start. The drama has kept viewers on the edge of their seats and leaves them wanting for more. The promos of the upcoming episode promise an intriguing journey. Highly Recommended!

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