Fashion Times (Review): ‘Jhoom’ Delves Deep To Explore The Complexities Of Human Relationships!

7th Sky Entertainments’ latest endeavor Jhoom starring Haroon Kadwani and Zara Noor Abbas is a tale of love and its complications. The plot revolves around Aryaan (Haroon Kadwani), a guy from a broken family lives with his father Prof. Tauqeer (Usman Peerzada). The latter is country’s best physiatrist but fails to give his son the love and attention he needed after his wife left him and married another man.

Aryaan is a sweet guy, ready to help others and shares a close bond with his university mates. However due to his bitter childhood he isn’t able to control his anger. He meets Dr. Maryam (Zara Noor Abbas) who is in-charge of his friend Tina (Reham Rafiq) case at the hospital. Tina was shot when Aryaan got embroiled in a dispute with Sherry (Haris Waheed) whom we later come to know is Dr. Maryam’s younger brother.

Aryaan expresses his anger over the hospital management for not giving proper treatment to Tina. Resultantly, Dr. Maryam files an official complaint against him and Ayraan is sent behind bars. Prof. Tauqeer rushes to rescue his son and requests Dr. Maryam to withdraw her case. The latter at first refuses to do so, but later when her colleague tells her about Prof. Taqueer in detail, she takes her case back. As the narrative unfolds, Aryaan develops a soft corner for Dr. Maryam.

Refreshing Take On Love

Jhoom comes across as highly refreshing due to writer Hashim Nadeem’s script. The plot is fascinating and inspiring. The dialogues are sharp. In the first two episodes, we don’t see much of the romance bloom between Dr. Maryam and Aryaan but their sequences together leave a lasting impact. After the super success of Mere Humnasheen, Ali Faizan is back with his Midas touch. His directions are simple yet effective. He blends entertainment and social messaging organically. Faizan packs in a lot with some intensely dramatic moments and doesn’t let the narrative drag or slow down anywhere.

New Onscreen Pairing Works Big Time

Speaking of performances, the fresh pairing of Kadwani and Abbas works big time. Jhoom is Haroon’s first drama serial and he puts in a sincere effort and comes out with flying colors. What’s worth watching is his capability of switching modes. For instance, in the scene where he taunts at Dr. Maryam for taking her case back, the very next scene sees him act cordially with a patient at the hospital. Zara Noor Abbas is charming and delivers a first-rate performance. Only two episodes down, the duo has already established a strong chemistry. We can’t wait to witness some more fireworks ahead. Usman Peerzada is highly dependable.

Final Word So far

Jhoom delves deep to explore the complexities of human relationships. The premise and characters are established well. It is peppered with some touching moments and has all the potential of a promising play. There’s a lot more to witness in Aryaan and Dr. Maryam’s journey in the upcoming episodes.

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