Fashion Times (Review): Fun-Filled Performances by Muneeb & Komal Makes ‘Tere Aany Se’ A Must-Watch!   

Tere Anay Se

With the advent of OTT, the choices of viewers have matured and evolved to quite an extent. They are constantly on the lookout to watch empowering and meaningful narratives with memorable characters. 7th Sky Entertainment’s latest endeavor ‘Tere Anay Se’ is a refreshing Ramadan special show that sparkles romance tossed with laughter and boasts of crackling chemistry between the lead actors. Let’s Analyze…

‘‘Tere Aany Se’’ narrates the story of Maheer (Muneeb Butt) a young, dashing, and carefree to quite an extent; after all, he is the only child of his father Dabeer (Mehmood Aslam). His interest is mostly in showing off the hard-earned wealth of his father. He lives in Lahore with his grandmother played by Shamim Hilalay, Uncle Hammad (Saleem Mairaj), and Aunt Seema (Zainab Qayyum).

On the contrary, Rania (Komal Meer) is a lively girl who is on the spree to impress and help everyone with her charming personality. She is brought up by her mother and grandfather Miyan Sahab (Salman Shahid). Hailing from a small town Khushalpur, somewhere deep down she has a sense of responsibility to achieve something big in life. Miyan Sahab allows Rania to go to Lahore for higher studies. En route to Lahore, Rania crosses paths with Maheer at a wedding. As the story moves forward, Rania happens to be Maheer’s relative and stays at his home to complete her studies.

‘Tere Anay Se’ targets the youth but also holds appeal to all age groups. Director Zeeshan Ahmed nurtures his characters well, allowing them to radiate and shine astoundingly. The play is well-picturized which adds value to the overall enterprise. The writing by Samra Bukhari is enhanced by the performances. Muneeb Butt is in top form and puts up an endearing act. His dialect, looks, and expressions make Maheer loveable. Komal Meer has a fantastic screen presence and maintains a strong position. She shines in the comic sequences. Shamim Hilalay as the quirky dado is adorable. Mehmood Aslam’s act is on point. Saleem Mairaj is charming.

On the whole Tere Anay Se is young at heart, and deliciously funny with a contemporary touch. It comes across as a breath of fresh air that is highly entertaining for viewers who have been longing for a Ramadan special entertainer.

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