Fashion Times Review: 5 Reasons Why ‘Mein Hari Piya’ Is Intense and Gripping!

Mein Hari Piya

ARY Digital’s latest venture “Mein Hari Piya” created the right buzz from the time its promos were released. Written by Qaisra Hayat, directed by Irshad Ali and produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kamzi, ‘Mein Hari Piya’ highlights the sensitive issue of female infertility with great sensitivity.



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The Plot


‘Mein Hari Piya’ introduces us to a household where Sarah (Hira Mani) and Fawad (Sami Khan) are celebrating their wedding anniversary. The couple is happily married since the last seven years. Fawad is a super caring husband and Sarah due to her sweet and caring nature is loved by all especially her mother-in-law played by Marina Khan. Fawra (Sumbul Iqbal) is Sarah’s close friend with whom she shares everything. She hails from a middle-class family and adores all the blessings in Sarah’s life.


As every story has a villain, we are soon introduced to Fawad’s sister Mariya (Maira Khan) who doesn’t let go of any opportunity to insult Sarah that she can never give birth to a child. As the narrative moves forwards Mariya’s evil acts gather momentum, she takes her medical reports to the doctor and makes her mother believe about Sarah’s infertility.

On the flip side, Mariya’s husband and mother-in-law forces her to fix their daughter Hina’s marriage with her brother Saud who resides in Dubai. They are clear that if she fails to arrange this wedding, she will get divorced.

After watching the initial episodes, we give you five reasons why ‘Mein Hari Piya’ is a must-watch


  1. The Magic of Sami Khan


Do we need to say anything more? He owns his character completely; right from the first shot, he has our heart. His happiness, care and love for Sarah translates well on screen and connect instantly. What we most like about Sami is that he never shies away from indulging in his characters. In sequences where he assures his wife that he won’t opt for a second marriage, he simply shines on. Over the years, Khan has earned the audience credibility with his brave choices and hard work.


  1. Hira Mani 


Hira over the years has worked hard to be where she is today. The actress is on a successful spree of delivering back-to-back hit projects and stands tall in the league of the best actresses today. Her astonishing range of becoming a shapeshifter with impeccable performances from ‘Do Bol’ to ‘Kashf’ and now ‘Mein Hari Piya’ is the testimony of her sheer talent. We are in awe of her, always!


  1. The Vicious Mariya aka Maira Khan 


Maira Khan creates hysteria with her character and plays the selfish sister-in-law to the tee. She gradually controls and manipulates her mother making her belief in the shortcomings of Sarah. She goes to the gruesome extent to make Fawad marry for the second time. Mariya is deliciously aggressive; at times her moves send shivers down our spine. Well, that’s the perfect picturization of a toxic person and the actor keeps us on our toes.


Dependable Supporting Cast


In a big project with strong lead actors, where each actor plays an important part to take the narrative forward, the actors need to be good. And they are! Marina Khan, Hamza Sohail, Ayaz Samoo Hassan Naizi and Shaista Jabeen look promising and enact their respective parts well.




  1. Realistic plot


What’s great about ‘Mein Hari Piya’ are the well-knitted character. The emotions are raw, real and relatable. There aren’t any shades of grey; one can feel a distinctive difference between the good and bad.


Final Word


ARY Digital brings you the perfect daily therapy. With a combination of a wonderful script, good actors and amazing director ‘Mein Hari Piya’ will get more intense in the upcoming episodes.

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