Fashion Times Exclusive: Mani says, “Lafangey is an A-to-Z Comical Ride”

Salman Shaikh popularly known as Mani is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential figures in the country. With timeless comic capersand a string of applaud-worthy work like, Azfar Mani Show, Casuals, Hum 2 Hamara Show, and road shows to radio shows. Heis Pakistan’s finest comedian today, an actor who has revolutionized humor to the tee.

Mani is back with a bang with Pakistan’s first horror comedy film Lafangey. The film released on Eidul Azha is directed by Abdul Khaaliq Khan, the film also stars Mobeen Gabol, Saleem Mairaj, Nazish Jehangir, and Sami Khan. While Lafangey is performing decently at the box office, we at Fashion Times Magazine spoke to Mani get the minute details on Lafangey. Read on…

What made you say yes to Lafangey?

I have been friends with Khaaliq (director) and have worked together in the past for HUM TV. When I heard the script of Lafangey, I was quite skeptical about the fact that will it be made exactly according to the given narration? And that too within 23 days? But Khaaliq managed to do it. He convinced me, also I was attracted by the cast. I soon became friends with Sami Khan, Mubeen Gabol, and Saleem Mairaj, so yeah Lafangey was a great experience.


What’s your character in the film?
I play a guy who isan opportunist, clueless about life and stuck in a situation like all Pakistanis tend to be (chuckles). He aims to solve a big problem of his life. Hailing from a poor background, he can go to any extent to get himself a better lifestyle. There are two more interesting aspects to my character that you will get to know once you watch the film.


Horror comedy genre is relatively new in Pakistan. Do you think it will connect with the audience?

 If you search about the facts and figures of films in the last two decades, there have been a few rom-coms that were declared as bonafide hits. So, the overall ratio of romcoms is lesser. Lafangey isn’t just a horror comedy, it’s a complete masala film that has family, emotions, children, opportunist men, and lots more.


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As they say laughter is the best medicine. Will Lafangey prove it right?

I am very critical of my work, but this time around I can assure you that Lafangey is a well-made film. Two things have to be strong for a horror comedy; firstly, the background score, and second the VFX, and fortunately, and we have got them right.Many industry insiders have seen the film and have heavily praised it. One of my co-stars Gul-e-Rana was surprised to see the film herself. Fingers crossed.


How was your tuning with director Abdul Khaaliq Khan?

 It was great, Khaliq is someone who knows his craft. He is well versed in the commerce aspect, and how a particular film should be budgeted. Lafangey isn’t a high-budget film, but the mounting of it comes across as huge. It’s a big deal that everyone is talking about the film despite clashing with two biggies. I feel the equation as of now is, if one film turns out to be a hit, the rest will follow suit…vice versa.



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How was the experience of shooting the film with your co-stars?

 It was good, there were no egos, no insecurities. We were helping each other on set. Sami Khan is a busy star, but he was very down to earth. I and Mubeen have more comic experience, so we were utilizing it to the maximum.


People should watch Lafangey because?

Firstly, watching the same facesof TV on the big screen gets boring for the audience. Therefore, Lafangey brings a rare combination of seasoned comedy actors. Secondly, the film has been well made, some sloppy parts have been chopped. Thirdly, Lafangey is an A-to-Z comical ride, the genre of the film is its biggest strength.


Tell us about your future projects?

My next film ‘Money Back Guarantee’ is coming out this year. It’s a multi starrer with a mega-budget. My role in the project is very interesting. The trailer will come out after Eid. There is another film titled ‘I Love You Babylicious’ produced by our own production house ‘Coconut Production’. The film stars Shehroze Sabzwari and Syra Yousuf.  Besides, I am working on a web series with Hira. We are also working together to create some interesting content for our YouTube channel.



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Catch Lafangey at a theatre near you.

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