Fashion Times Exclusive: ‘I think Javed Iqbal is the most difficult character ever played by any actor’, says Yasir Hussain

javed Iqbal

The first look of actor Yasir Hussain’s upcoming film based on the story of the serial killer ‘Javed Iqbal’ is out. Hussain took to Instagram to share the fierce look that sees him as the infamous convict.  



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Who Was Javed Iqbal 


Javed Iqbal was a Pakistani serial killer and pederast who confessed to the sexual abuse and murder of 100 young boys, ranging in age from 6 to 16. Iqbal strangled the victims, dismembered the corpses, and dissolved them in acid as a way to conceal the evidence. He was found guilty and sentenced to death in the same manner that he killed the boys, being strangled first, then cut into a hundred pieces, in front of the parents of the victims, one piece for each victim, then be dissolved into acid. Iqbal died by suicide before any sentence could be carried out.

About the Film

The film is written and directed helmed by Abu Aleeha and also stars Ayesha Omar essaying the role of a cop who will investigate the case. It is produced under the banner of KK Films by Javed Ahmed. The film is an adaptation of Aleeha’s novel of the name ‘Kukri‘ that he researched and wrote a few years ago about Iqbal and his heinous crimes.

Yasir Hussain’s Character

Talking exclusively to Fashion Times, Yasir gave us some interesting insights, “I think this is the most difficult character ever played by any actor. I feel playing Adolf Hitler wouldn’t be that difficult as compared to play a complexed character like Javed Iqbal. The fact that Iqbal was a commoner, yet such a dangerous person is tricky to portray.” 


He further said: “It’s emotionally challenging and has affected me to a great extent. Like literally when I come back home after shooting for it, I don’t know what to do? Should I laugh or cry, take a meal or go to sleep? It may sound a bit odd but that is the reality.”

About the Release

The film will have a theatrical release once the cinemas reopen around November. If you’re obsessed with murder, mysteries, and thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat, then you shouldn’t miss this one.


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