Farhan Saeed Brings His A-Game In Jhok Sarkar!

Over the years, singer-turned-actor Farhan Saeed has transformed into a great actor. He is making the right choices and every project of his leaves a lasting impact on viewers. Be it Arsal from Suno Chanda, Hamza from Prem Gali, or Hamza from Mere Humsafar, these characters developed a strong bonding and still live in the heart of viewers. Continuing his top form Farhan Saeed takes a giant leap and showcases his versatility with a brand-new avatar. He joins the cop universe with Jhok Sarkar and stuns as ASP Arsalan.

For the unversed Jhok Sarkar is the story of a small district Jhok Sial led by a cruel feudal lord Peeral (Asif Raza Mir). His son Meeral (Usman Javed) is as brutal as his father. The law and order of the district are run by their orders. Enter ASP Arsalan, a topper of his batch gets posted in the no man’s land and works honestly to serve justice to the oppressed people.

Jhok Sarkar is helmed by Safie Hassan who has earlier given us magnificent dramas like Ehd-e-Wafa (2019) and Sang-e-Mah (2022). He keeps it raw, real and massy and his execution keeps the narrative very clean. Hashim Nadeem dialogues are exemplary.

Jhok Sarkar rests on Farhan’s shoulders. He gets the maximum screen time and delivers one of the finest performances of his career. This is not an easy act and the role required someone of the caliber of Farhan to pull it off. There are moments in the show where he communicates wonderfully just through his eyes and very few dialogues. He gets to play a meaty part and he nails it.


Eight episodes down ASP Arsalan continues to fight injustice. Will he succeed in fulfilling his duty?Jhok Sarkar airs every Tuesday, at 8 PM on HUM TV.

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