The Incredibly talented Nadia Khan Opens up to Fashion Times!

Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan needs no introduction; she’s one distinctive name who continues to enthrall millions of fans with her magnetic smile. Across a career span of more than two decades, she enjoyed the opportunity to reach out to different sections of the audience particularly with her morning shows. Mother, actress, host and all-round star, Nadia Khan sparkles in a chat with Fashion Times Magazine! Read on…

Q) According to you what is the process of creativity?

A) Every person is creative, regardless to any field. You have it within you.

There is no formula to the creative process. You have to be in that state of mind. It’s not a 24/7 process. I believe a woman who cooks in the kitchen is also creative and therefore prepares scrumptious meal.

Q) How much of your acting is pretense, and how much of it is genuine?

A) My acting is always genuine. As far as comic roles are concerned my performance is effortless, it comes out very natural and spontaneous, due to my bubbly and vivacious nature. One has to be pretence while portraying a serious role, as I don’t have that kind of personality. The more intense role, the more effort is required. Usually, I don’t get to play comic characters more often as all the characters I am playing are quite intense these days.

Q) How do you manage to bring soul to the characters you play on screen?

A) I am an artist who enjoys work. I become the character which I play i.e. if I cry, I actually cry, if I laugh, I actually laugh. For me conviction matters a lot, I have said no to a lot of scripts as I couldn’t relate to the characters.


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Q) Do you believe in making things happen or letting things happen?

A) You make things happen. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and budget to create a project. One can’t wait long enough to let things happen and put things at stake.



Q) Behind your spontaneous and bubbly nature, what is the most significant thing that people don’t know about you?

A) I am an open book, there isn’t much surprise left for people to know about me. I’ve been myself in my morning shows. My Outstyle videos let people know more about me. Indeed, I am one of those personalities, who are better known by my fans than me.


Q) Are you a feminist?

A) I don’t understand the term Feminist. As far it deals with the rights, respect and protection of women, yes, I am a feminist. But what if, the feminist takes an undue advantage i.e., shouts at people, does nothing, dresses un appropriately, exposes, abuses, attends dirty parties and gets drug addict. A woman is a homemaker, the way she speaks, behaves, and carries herself in a way, is a balanced Feminist. Feminism to me is the demeanor, the way to carry yourself, so that the other person respects you. If something wrong is being done with any one, everyone should unite and stand up to fight for the rights, especially for the young generation.


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Q) The drama industry today is a different ball game altogether. you have worked with PTV in the past, how are things different now and then?

A) I have done a couple of dramas with PTV; mostly I have done private productions. In a broader perspective, there is a vast difference technically. There wasn’t a proper system at PTV, they didn’t feel the need to prepare directors for the future or technically train people. I felt that art would nearly vanish in near future. Today things are growing for the better. The number of artists, production houses have increased. Young people with relevant training are raising the bar higher and higher. The equipment used abroad is being used in Pakistan. Most importantly the scripts have something new and fresh to offer, which is a big sigh of relief.

Q) How difficult it is to keep a balance between stardom and motherhood?

A) I have always drawn a line between stardom and motherhood. I am a fun-loving mom at home. I am not vocal about my work, gossips, relatives and friends with my kids. In fact, my close friends treat me as a commoner. At times they correct me or even scold me. My kids witness me as a mother who does all the domestic work, solves the domestic issues, gets stressed out and may get over worked at times. I have kept the doors open for them to discuss. I want them to know the different aspects of motherhood. At times she may be weak, strong and even make mistakes. I don’t want them to make the mistakes which I made in my life; I want them to be a better person more than I am.


Q) What makes morning @ home so special?

A) At Morning at Home, my main objectives include education, upbringing of kids, family relations, and improving mental health. I feel I have a big responsibility; I can’t take those two hours for granted by displaying expensive clothes or how beautiful I look. These shouldn’t be our concerns; we should be worried that how should our marriages work. Children are growing up either with their mothers or fathers; we need to prevent single parenting. I want to guide people with the realities of life, the right time to get married, or how to get rid of an ugly marriage. I am happy that PTV is giving me that space to be myself.


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Rapid Fire:

What’s the one thing you can live without?

I can easily survive without Sugar.


Name five must things in your handbag?

Lip Balm, Migraine Balm, Sinus Nasal spray, Wallet, Keys, Cards and Mini perfume.


Lipstick or Lip gloss?

Lip Gloss


Your favorite cheat meal?

Burger & Fries


One thing you always have in your fridge at any given time?



A super power you wish you have?

A power with which I could elect a good prime minister for the country


How often do you Google?

I am addicted to Google. I Google every minute.


What was the first thing you bought with your first pay cheque?

I didn’t buy anything for myself. I bought gifts for my siblings and especially for my parents.


Have you ever signed a project for a fat pay cheque?

Yes. Every project I sign is for a fat pay cheque, otherwise I don’t work, it’s not worth it.


A song that makes you grooves

Breathe by Jax Jones & Anywhere, Fifty Shades Darker for you by Rita Ora.

What’s the one thing you can talk for hours on end?

Makeup and its accessories.


Whom would you like to star in your Hollywood debut?

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock.


What’s the most intelligent decision you’ve ever taken?

On a rating of one to ten, seven decisions taken by me are intelligent.


What’s the best excuse you’ve made if you get late for a shoot or appointment?

Traffic is always a best excuse.


Are you obsessed with Selfie’s?

No, I am not obsessed with selfies.


How long will you last without your cell phone?

Half an hour


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What’s the last compliment that made you blush?

It feels good to hear that I am aging backward. People assume me and my daughter as siblings.


What’s the last prank you’ve played on someone?

I am not a prankster


What’s the coolest thing about being an actor?

There isn’t a cosmetic in the world other than success and recognition. It feels great to be a public temptation.


Which celebrity gracefulness you want to imbibe?

Meryl Streep


What would be the title of your Autobiography?

Being Nadia or Being NK


Who would play you in your biopic?

Saba Qamar for sure.

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