Exclusive ‘My journey has been difficult but fruitful to the optimum’, says Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Imran Ashraf a method actor. He is one actor from the current generation who does everything perfectly. He acts, yes, he really does! He also writes well. Imran’s passion for his craft is known to all with the diverse choices he makes. Imran over the years has become an actor that the audience trusts. He has changed the perception, image, and face of a hero. He is stirring his life’s pot with experimenting with a variety of ingredients. Viewers have a mindset that a project that features him is a must-watch. The tag of a ‘Hero’ is usually perfect, but Ashraf also shines in portraying the imperfect heroes.


It took him eleven years and over 35 projects to achieve stardom, Imran told ‘Fashion Times Magazine’ in an exclusive interview: ” I think with success, you become humbler therefore I am enjoying every bit of it, and I don’t let it go to my head. I am content with everything that’s happening in my career. I have a realistic approach towards life and aim towards doing good work. I believe success isn’t permanent, it’s there today, but it might not be there tomorrow.”


With a diverse range of roles in Dil Lagi, Alif Allah Aur Insaan, Dil Moam Ka Diya, Ranja Ranjha Kardi, Inkaar, Mushk and the ongoing Raqs-e-Bismil showcases his talent to the maximum: “As an actor I always try to bring something new to the table every time, and even portray stereotype characters with innovative techniques. I want to hold on to my commitment towards my craft and focus on creating better, I have a firm believer in “Do good for others, and you will find happiness” and that has a great impact on your work too.”



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When asked about the secret of smelling good scripts, he said: “There is no guarantee of anything; nobody knows what’s going to work, the only thing that I know is that if I like a particular script, I want to be as honest and realistic to my character as possible. At the end of the day, it should be well received by the audience.”


Imran who is on a career high feels settled and contended with his journey: “My journey has been difficult but fruitful to the optimum. I believe I am still learning. I have to go a long way. I am open to roles that challenge me; but before I get into a particular space, I need to actively prepare for the kind of demand required to do justice to it. God has always given me opportunities and payback at the same time. None of my efforts have gone in vain, I’m happy to be contributing immensely. My love for my work will remain the same.”



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Undoubtedly has been a pioneer in changing the narrative of a hero: “Honestly, I don’t think on these terms. Acting is something I want to do. I am grateful to Almighty Allah for his blessings; my audience for showing their love and support with each project. With success comes great responsibility; so, I push myself hard to focus and constantly strive to surprise the audience.”

The talented actor is all set to make his cinematic debut in upcoming feature film Dum Mastam: “Dum Mastam is an interesting film that has all the ingredients to fulfill the cinematic cravings of the audience. We are coming to narrate a beautiful intense love story with a top-notch script and brilliant directions. As far as my performance is concerned; I leave it up to the audience to decide. In a nutshell, ‘Dum Mastam’ will be a fun watch.”



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In Dum Mastam Imran plays ‘Bao’ a guy from the Walled City of Lahore: “It’s an interesting role that has amazing sides and various dimensions to it. The character itself is challenging; there are many surprises worth discussing which I really can’t talk about. As far as the preparation is concerned, I inhabit my characters either it’s ‘Bhola’ from (Ranjha Ranjha Kardi) or ‘Shammo’ from (Alif Allah or Insaan) to ‘Bao’ from (Dum Mastam). I convince myself that I was born that way and belong to that world.”


Concluding the conversation Imran gave us an update on his upcoming projects: “I have a couple of offers for writing a film and drama. Let’s see what I choose.”

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