Every Single Variant in Nadia Hussain’s ‘GO MAKEUP PALETTE’ is Sheer Perfection!

Makeup continues to be a woman’s best friend for ages now. A modern woman depicts beauty, grace, boldness and confidence. The correct makeup kit is one that best incorporates all these four aspects of a woman’s personality.  To fulfill the requirements of a modern woman, our very own Nadia Hussain brings a unique all-in-one complete ‘GO MAKEUP PALETTE’ that conceals, covers, contours, colors, highlights and adds an instant freshness to your face. The full-face palette gets you ready without carrying tons of makeup clutter in your bag.




The ‘GO MAKEUP PALETTE’ is designed to suit different skin tones and types therefore it comes in two variants i.e., Medium Warm Palette and Fair Medium Palette.  The clever design of the kit reveals 9 comprehensive products, you need to get started for creating a perfect makeup look.


The front side of the Medium Warm Palette contains two Cream Concealers. One concealer has a darker tone that is best for dark circles and for women having wheatish complexion. The other concealer is on the lighter tone that can be used to brighten up your face. Next, we have two shades (pink and peach) for Lip and Cheek. This layer swings away to reveal the lower side that offers Cream Contour, Crease Eyeshadow, Lid Eyeshadow, Highlighter, and Face Powder.

Nadia Hussain





The Fair Medium Palette offers the same variants as offered in the previous palette.


Nadia Hussain




  • 9 products in one palette
  • The products blend well resulting in a rich look
  • Great pigmentation
  • Lasting impact
  • Applicable with finger tips



It’s a travel palette, so it gets utilized more than needed (not really a con)



It is packaged in an elegant white, travel-friendly case. It also includes a mirror, mini brush and foam.



The palette retails for Rs.3,500/-. We think it’s a dam good investment considering the variety and amount of usage you get.



To place your order, visit www.blingbynadiahussain.com | Or Whatsapp at 03350351054


Final Verdict

On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, Fashion Times rates Nadia Hussain’s ‘GO MAKEUP PALETTE’ 4/5.


Nadia Hussain


The product brightens up your face without making it look like you have heavy layers of makeup on. Undoubtedly it is more comprehensive and detailed as compared to the other on the go makeup palette’s available in the market. Highly recommended!




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  • Always do a patch test first
  • These remedies are not intended to cure any disease
  • Consult a doctor if the problem persists


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