Dunk – A thriller turn of events


Ongoing drama serial ‘Dunk’ on ARY Digital has us all craving for more with its latest highly intense episode! A little into the episode, we see Amal (Sana Javed) at her father’s place, further claiming to be the victim and falsely accusing Haider (Bilal Abbas) of harassment. Meanwhile, we see Haider’s father taking Amal by her word and treating Haider harshly by throwing away all his belongings while his mother knows in her heart that he is innocent.



Minal (Azekah Daniel), who throughout the show has been supportive of Haider, believing in him when others did not and always going with him whenever he would want to reconcile with the deceased teacher’s family, is shown to be a bit hesitant when believing Haider in this particular matter – after all, she is a woman, forced to choose between a fellow woman’s word and her own husband’s.



The show continues with Amal’s husband taking her to the police station to file an FIR against Haider and shortly afterwards the police arriving at Haider’s friend’s place to arrest him. Things get even more intense when his friend calls Minal to inform her of Haider’s arrest and her brother picks up instead, forcing Minal to sign the Khula papers.

The episode then comes to an end with Safeer bringing Amal back home after Haider’s arrest and Haider and his friend at the police station figuring out what to do. Stay tuned for episode 24 to find out what happens next!

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