Does Danish Taimoor fear of taking up diverse roles?

Each year the showbiz industry witnesses many aspiring actors aiming to be the next big thing. Many go through a struggling phase, while some get it relatively easier, and go on to become a superstar like Danish Taimoor. His debut into the world of showbiz started with Mystery series ‘Do Saal Baad, Dracula’ that aired on Indus Vision (2005). Since then, he became the most talked about person and subsequently featured in TV dramas, films and TV commercials. Of late, the actor became a supreme victim of typecast as the one sided obsessed lover in his recent outings. Thora Zada Hogaya Na? That’s exactly how we feel. How many times Danish?


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Stuck into the Mold of Monotonous

His last couple of projects like Deewangi, Ishq Hai and the recent Kesi Teri Khudgharzi are a resounding reminder that Danish Taimoor needs to evaluate his script selection procedure. Did you notice anything common between them? Yes, the actor lost his ground by playing variations of the same character(the obsessed lover) on a trot. Besides looking macho, indeed. But what else? Someone should tell him hamming and screeching cannot be categorized as acting. His choices seemed relatively easier to perform; coming on set, getting his looks and apparels in place, mouthing lines and pack up. It’s high time that actors should get rid of the perception of doing a lead role, with the belief that it would do wonders with them being the central figure. Did these half-baked roles qualify as exceptions? His portfolio doesn’t boast of any better role; after all viewers invest time and expect way more than a mediocre performance.

The Social Media Baggage

Besides concentrating on their craft; actors today come with an additional baggage of social media trends. Danish Taimoor enjoys massive fan following on Instagram. Posting selfies, Jummah Mubarak – gym pics etc. these trends somehow distracts the professional connect. An actor’s credibility should be known from their work, not what they post online.


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Final Word

 Danish Taimoor seems to be happy in his space and that reflects in the choices he makes. It’s just that we are fed up of watching him in the same role over and over and over again. His fans expect and deserve more variation even if attempts various genres. We surely think he should re-evaluate, get rid of shoddy attempts and do projects that prove his versatility as an actor.

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