#Doctor Bahu: Humayun Saeed encourages women to ‘pursue their dreams’

Humayun Saeed

Actor Humayun Saeed off late took to Twitter and shared his disappointment in the count of female doctors leaving the medical field after finishing their studies. He additionally explained how this dropout rate conceivably has been chalked down by the pressures of society eventually faced by the female doctors.

He wrote on Twitter, “Disappointed to find out that only 1 out of 4 female doctors practice after graduation in Pakistan because of family pressure.” He also teased of a possible new project on the topic, writing, “Thinking of a new project, maybe to highlight this issue. Let’s encourage women to pursue their dreams.”

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The JPNA actor added a hashtag that read, “Doctor Bahu [daughter-in-law].”


Within no time, Humayun Saeed’s tweets were the talk of the town and people were quick to add on to his argument.  Check out the Tweets…


This isn’t the first time, when a star has stood up against the issue of doctor bahu. However, we’re happy this time it’s a big name wanting to feature the issue of women not being permitted to work.  We strongly pin hopes that Humayun Saeed will make a project on the issue of doctor bahu and it does equity to the battles of such countless ladies.




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