Designer Maria B Enraged With The Portrayal Of Intersex People in ‘Sar-e-Rah’

Maria B

ARY Digital’s Sar-e-Rah has turned out to be a smash hit. The limited drama series breaks stereotypes and explores new dimensions and solutions for people in society to lead a happy life. Riding mainly on Saba Qamar’s shoulders, Sar-e-Rah is not just a breath of fresh air, but also a much-needed break from the saas-bahu tamasha.

The recent episode featured a heartwarming conversation between an intersex child Sarang (Muneeb Butt) and his father played by Nabeel Zafar. The way the scene is intricately handled and the representation of transgender with a strong message is winning hearts on Twitter.

“I wasn’t expecting this but what an incredible message by Nabeel Zafar! He beautifully talked about gender differences to his son, something which should’ve been taught way before but we couldn’t because of extremist elements in the society,” wrote a user.

A tweep, from India, shared that the content is “beyond remarkable” and “bold” even for their country.

Writer Adeel Razzaq received humongous praise for his watertight script. “There’s no way Sar-e-Rah was written by a man like Mr. Adeel Razzaq. Who are you and where have you been my whole life?” read the tweet.

Amid all the glorious reviews pouring in, designer Maria B had a list of complaints about the depiction of an intersex person. Taking to Instagram, she posted a screenshot of Nabeel and Muneeb and wrote, “This is how you sell your soul… Well done, Pakistan. So, this kid is intersex? And instead of following sharia and getting corrective help to become male or female, his dad is telling him to be gender fluid, like transgenders. Now, will you wake up Pakistan? Is the agenda still not clear? Laanat on all the people who sold their souls and will contribute to the destruction of our kids.”

Maria B

In another Instagram story, the designer also alleged that since Sar-e-Rah is a USAID-sponsored drama, the western world is pushing their gender agendas on our society.

Maria B

A user on Twitter questioned Maria B, “And who funds Maria B for her anti-trans agenda?”

Another user wrote, “There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing a transphobe like Maria B getting triggered. May our TV shows and films provide multiple opportunities to see her meltdown more often.”

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