Ali Gul Pir’s ‘Cosuin Dhazan’ brims over the consequences of cousin marriages  

Cousin Dhazan

Rapper and comedian Ali Gul Pir released his first single on Valentine’s Day. Titled ‘ Cousin Dhazan ’ the song showcases the awkward reality of cousin marriages.

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Listen to the song here


The music video opens with actors Rose Muhammad and Ali at the seaside. Rose plays Ali’s cousin’s wife. The couple is a bit clueless but still trying their best to accept this new relationship. Ali raps the humorous song with catchy lyrics. He does it all, dancing on the table, eating fruits in a playful aspect. Pir’s comic timing is top-notch. He’s simply hilarious!

Cousin Dhazan

The lyrics are thought-provoking and state the odd situations that arise from cousin marriages. The use of the musical instrument saxophone brings a freshness to the song. The song directed by Hamad Khan has taken the viewers through by storm with an illustration of what every cousin’s marriage eventually might look like. Hence, for those who are looking to go on a fun ride, Ali Gul Pir’s ‘Cousin Dhazan’ will be a soothing one.


Pir who doesn’t hesitate in talking about the realities of society, at first teased fans with a ‘save the date card.  It made us all hint at his marriage on Valentine’s Day. But he managed to outshine everyone, the card served as a hint to the song.


In his Instagram post he wrote, “I’ve always found it funny how you grow up with your cousins, call them Bhai (brother) or API (sister) then one day your parents decide that you will marry one of them. Now suddenly, it’s bhai to charpoy! Love can be awkward. That’s my new song Cousin Dhazan premiering at 3 pm!”


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