Coke Studio 14, Episode 3 Review: ‘Sajan Das Na’ is a masterstroke by Atif Aslam!

Sajan Das Na

The country’s most awaited music show, Coke Studio 14, returned to television. Anticipation was running high due to a fresh start, social media buzz over the union of an amazing lineup of singers across Pakistan teaming up with some of the nation’s talented musicians.

Episode 3, of Coke Studio season 14 finally brings back signing legend Atif Aslam. So far, in Coke Studio, I have loved all his performances. And who can forget the iconic Man Aamadeh Am with Gul Panara from season 8? At least, I cant.



Sajan Das Na showcases the vocal prowess of Atif Aslam and it is something brilliant to witness. From the beginning, the song’s vibe is clear and transcends through to the entire track. The romantic ballad with epic proportions is executed with utmost perfection. The mellifluous vocals of Momina Mustehsan are in perfect harmony. It has a soul and it connects with the listener. The beats and guitars are integral in creating an intriguing soundscape, and the duo delivers the song with finesse. Everyone involved with its production absolutely hits the ball out of the park here.


Fearless entertainers, both Aslam and Mustehsen hold their own in equal parts in this 3:66-minute track. Their inclusion in season 14 of Coke was an indication of further success to come. Infused with palpitating lyrics, a transfixing on-screen appearance, and the strength of these voices, Sajan Das Na’ doesn’t only enriches all seasons of Coke but truly completes it.


Packed full of melody, the track is truly this episode’s delight that doesn’t need to be missed out on. Episode 3 is an absolute winner.


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