Candid 15 With The Incredible Sidra Iqbal

Sidra Iqbal

  The three qualities that made you achieve success… Confident, Consistent and Charm. One of the things that I have cultivated is ‘Charm’ that is beyond beauty and intelligence. It’s about being curious in life. How would your perfect day begin? With an excellent cup of Chai or Coffee prepared by myself   Which is the funniest […]

The Sidra Iqbal Interview: ‘Whatever I do is an Extension of my Personality’

Sidra Iqbal Interview

Sidra Iqbal needs no introduction at all. The award-winning journalist, TV personality, PR Practitioner, Brand Activist, and Youth Development Advocate, Iqbal is an acclaimed name of Pakistan.  In a detailed interview with Fashion Times Magazine, she spoke at length about her personal life, successful career, credibility of journalism today, influence of social media and exploring […]

Up, Close and Personal with Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain is a model who is arguably one of Pakistan’s finest. By the sheer force of her talent and her astonishing range she has triumphed. Yes! But believe me, there’s a lot more behind the stylish exterior. There are depths to her personality that no camera hasn’t captured yet. Her humility…her innate courtesy are […]