Up, Close and Personal with Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain

She is a model who is arguably one of Pakistan’s finest. By the sheer force of her talent and her astonishing range she has triumphed. Yes! But believe me, there’s a lot more behind the stylish exterior. There are depths to her personality that no camera hasn’t captured yet. Her humility…her innate courtesy are just […]

The Incredibly talented Nadia Khan Opens up to Fashion Times!

Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan needs no introduction; she’s one distinctive name who continues to enthrall millions of fans with her magnetic smile. Across a career span of more than two decades, she enjoyed the opportunity to reach out to different sections of the audience particularly with her morning shows. Mother, actress, host and all-round star, Nadia Khan […]

Neelam Muneer Gets Candid With Fashion Times Magazine!

Neelam Muneer

She’s known for her sharp wit and easygoing attitude. But behind the star is a girl who had to prove her mettle to get where she is today. Neelam Muneer in conversation with Fashion Times Magazine, reveals the secrets about her balanced life and how she intends to take her career very seriously.     […]