Satiate Your Hunger For Street Style Food At ‘Kanteen’ By Khaadi!

Every locality in Karachi has its special food offerings, be it bun kabab of Pakistan chowk, dahi baray of Burns road, fry kabab from waheed kabab house, or chai paratha from Café Clifton. While the experience of indulging in these street delights and relishing in the sweet and spicy flavors is an experience in itself, […]

Christmas 2022: Bake The Perfect Moist Carrot Cake Ahead Of The Festive Season

Christmas 2022 Carrot Cake

Christmas in Pakistan is celebrated with as much fervor as in other parts of the world. Christmas is around the corner and this easy-to-make flavor-packed carrot cake will look just perfect on your festive dinner table. The carrot cake is very popular all over the world, although it is made with an ingredient that we […]

Love Oranges? Try Our Winter Special ‘Orange Trifle’ for Midweek Indulgence 

Winter Special Orange Trifle

Come winter, oranges are the stars of the produce aisle, and they couldn’t be more versatile. Whether you’re using the juice, zest, or fruit itself, you’ll enjoy it to the optimum. As the magical season begins, it’s time to enjoy our winter special Orange Trifle. Read on… Ingredients For Base Pound Cake: One small loaf […]

One Pot Chicken Korma: How It Hurts When English People Dishonor Your Cultural Food

One Pot Chicken Korma

A popular online Food channel, Tasty UK posted a recipe for a one-pot Chicken Korma and sparked outrage on Twitter for all the right reasons. The video recipe on Twitter read, bless their naïve little hearts, “One-Pot Chicken Qorma [heart eyes emoji]”. One-Pot Chicken Korma 😍 — Tasty UK (@TastyUK) December 3, 2022 The […]

Revisit the World of Authentic Chinese Cuisine at Tai-Pan

For those who have earlier experienced Tai-Pan, and loved it, then good news is in order. The largest chain of five-star hotels Pearl-Continental Hotel Karachi has recently re-launched Tai-pan. The authentic Chinese restaurant offers a wide variety of scrumptious food with refined flavors along with exquisite ambiance. Over the years, avid Chinese buffs know the […]

Krave Mart launches maiden DVCstitled #SochSeZiadaTez

In the age of digital, who doesn’t love an app that saves our precious time and saves us from the agony of stopping here and there on the way back from a tiring day? As this being said, Krave Mart has stepped into the online grocery shopping market.   ‘Need for Speed’! This is the […]

Savor the Moments of Winter With Healthy & Delicious Chicken Corn Soup

Chicken Corn Soup recipe

We can’t imagine winters without a bowl of hot soup with chunks of chicken. Imagine a cold winter night and you are sitting in your bed wrapped in a cozy blanket and having this creamy delicious Chicken Corn Soup. Sounds comforting, isn’t it? This soup is exactly what you would be craving in winter. Thick […]

Chapli Kabab: A Tantalizing Fiery Recipe That You Must Try

Chapli Kabab

When we think of one of the most popular and world-renowned traditional dishes of our nation, the delicious and mouth-watering Pakistani Chapli Kabab usually tends to be at the top of the list. The city of Peshawar, where the recipe took hold, has over 2,000 kebab houses that serve Chapli Kababs. Such eateries have rapidly […]