Bollywood or Copywood? Akshay Kumar’s ‘Raksha Bandhan’ is heavily copied from Nabeel Qureshi’s ‘Load Wedding’

The popularity of the entertainment industry in Pakistan is global. Not just people love to watch our content but many at times plagiarize it too. Talking of plagiarism, the first thing that comes to mind is arch-rival India. Bollywood time and again has not just copied Pakistani content but hasn’t been apologetic about it. The recent victim of plagiarism is director Nabeel Qureshi’s film Load Wedding. The plot of the film has been copied in Akshay Kumar’s film Raksha Bandhan.

The Rip-off

On Tuesday, the makers and lead actors Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar took to Instagram and shared the official trailer of Raksha Bandhan. What came across as shocking is the premise that is heavily borrowed from Load wedding.

Nabeel Qureshi Reacts

Taking the news to his Twitter account, Qureshi wrote, “Load wedding Pro Max??? Ya load wedding dikhana bhai – thora aur expensive main.”

Broadcast Journalist OmairAlavi speaks up


The senior journalist compared the similarities between the two films and wrote, “Our very own Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza get copied in Bollywood again! Akshay Kumar replaces Fahad Mustafa. Faiza Hasann’s Baby Baji is divided into 4 sisters, while Bhumi Pednekar is being Mehwish Hayat. Last time it was Shahid Kapur’s ‘Batti Gul Meter Chalu’, now ‘Raksha Bandhan’.”

The History of Plagiarism With Nabeel Qureshi’s Craft

This isn’t the first time that Nabeel’s work has been copied. There have been many instances in the past that raised many eyebrows due to the blatant copy-paste.

Batti Gull Meter Chalu Inspired by Actor In Law

The Shahid Kapoor starrer showed him in a similar avatar to that of Fahad Mustafa in Actor in Law. Much like how Mustafa plays a lawyer in the film, Kapoor does the same in Batti Gul Meter Chalu after escalating electricity bills kill his friend.

Bangla Singer Shahid Copied Load Wedding Song ‘Kooch Na Karin’

The Load Wedding song was composed by Shani Arshad and crooned by Azhar Abbas. The melody was fairly different but the imagery was an exact copy of ‘Kooch Na Karin.’

Ki Jana Vs Mood Happy

The song directed by Nabeel Qureshi and sung by Shani Arshad was frame-by-frame copied by Indian singer Brham Darya in his song ‘Mood Happy’.

Final Word

It’s shocking to see that Bollywood being a huge industry is running short of content. We feel it’s high time they should focus more on creating something original rather than stealing Pakistani content.

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