Big Development in Ali Zafar Defamation Case: Meesha Shafi Admits Her False Statements

Meesha Shafi

Five years ago singer Meesha Shafi, accused actor and singer Ali Zafar of sexual harassment, but has now admitted of giving a false statement during media talk as the proceeding of the defamation case resumed in a Lahore sessions court.

What Happened At The Cross-Examination Session

In the recent session, Meesha was cross-examined via video link and was caught lying multiple times. She was questioned by Zafar’s lawyer regarding the picture of both singers together which the female singer had uploaded on Facebook.

Meesha Shafi

The lawyer argued that the picture could not be considered evidence of sexual harassment because she was the one who uploaded it with the caption “tonight we party”. The female singer said she didn’t remember the picture and would have to see it to comment further and then, she was shown the photo.

Zafar’s lawyer further asked Meesha about her claim that the court never summoned her. The lawyer noted that the female singer made a ‘deliberate misrepresentation’ of a court order. Meesha Shafi responded that it was a ‘slip of tongue’.

Narratives shared by Lawyer Umer Tariq on Twitter

Meesha Shafi

Ali Zafar Responds

After the hearing, the court ordered that the cross-examination of Shafi would continue on March 1. Taking to Twitter, Ali Zafar also pointed out how she placed a false claim through a photo that she barely remembered.

 Timeline Of The Harassment Case

On April 2018 Meesha Shafi took to social media to allege that musician and actor Ali Zafar subjected her to sexual harassment on more than one occasion.

Meesha Shafi

Ali Zafar responded to Shafi’s allegations of sexual harassment on Twitter, saying that he categorically denies “any and all claims of harassment lodged against me by Ms Shafi”. He added that he intends to take the matter to court.

Summing it up

Initially many people supported Meesha Shafi for coming out in public encouraging women to break the culture of silence. However, with statements and facts going against her these evidence will surely be strong proofs to get a conclusion to this 5-year-old long court case.

Stay tuned to Fashion Times to know more about the developments in this case and more from the entertainment world.

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