#BabySharkDooDoo: Abrar-ul-Haq’s mother shaming stunt goes in vain. Find Out How?

Singer and politician Abrar ul Haq is getting mocked for ‘talking down the mothers of today’ from celebrities and Twitterati alike.


How it Started


Abrar was at the PTI Celebratory Convention in Islamabad on August 26, when he made some derogatory comments and said “When we used to be young, we got to listen to the Kalma being recited by our mothers,” he said. “Today’s kids are handed cellphones so that mothers can play them ‘Baby Shark’,” he said.


The video of Haq’s controversial comments including him singing the popular nursery rhyme ‘Baby Shark’ spread like wildfire on social media.

Celebrity Outrage


Comedian Faiza Saleem in a video message termed it as ‘Mom Shaming’ and urged husbands to support their wife’s in raising their children



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Model Nadia Hussain went all out to bash Haq and wrote: “Not sure how you go from listening to the Kalma from your mother to belting out song such as ‘Nach Punjaban’ or ‘Billo De Ghar’,” she said on Twitter, referring to the singer’s popular songs about women.



Actor Yasir Hussain supported Nadia’s critique on his Instagram stories and said: “You’ve hit the nail on the head. Good one,”



Nadia Hussain


Hussain further shared a video of wife Iqra Aziz singing ‘Baby Shark’ to her newborn. It highlighted the message of never judging a mother



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Artist Adeel Afzal shared a video message in which he said that ‘Haq’ should then make an album with children s lullabies instead of criticizing Baby Shark.



Celebrity Who Came In Support


Actress Xarnish Khan came in defence of Haq. She slammed those who made personal remarks against him.


Nadia Hussain


Singer Amanat Ali penned a note supporting Haq


Nadia Hussain


Ushna Shah who supported Haq and called him a legend was further slammed by social media



Nadia Hussain


Several others took to Twitter to express their disappointment as they just couldn’t understand Abrar’s point at all


Final Word


In the modern age the traditional modes of teaching and learning are changing and digital apps are now being used to teach children new concepts and ideas. On the contrary, the teaching of Islam is also necessary, but calling out mothers on a public platform is wrong. All we say is, ‘Never judge a mother.’


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