Ayesha Omar’s useful 5 tips can help you avoid burnouts

Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar has always had a strong penchant for acting. She’s also known for her versatile style and her amazing singing skills. Her talent has and her beauty is different story altogether. She has one of the best and most supple skins and she manages to keep her skin on point always. With her busy schedule and odd working hours, it’s not very easy to maintain flawless skin like her. Even when she goes sans makeup, she manages to look pretty as ever and we want to know her beauty secrets.

The diva recently ventured into the skincare industry with her beauty line ‘Ayesha.O.Beauty’. She took to Instagram and shared 5 ways to avoid an end-of-year burnout.

First things first, Ayesha believes that you need to ‘take out some me-time.’

Ayesha Omar

Secondly, she is very particular about doing some exercise and not letting the lethargy get to you. She advises ‘to join a workout class or make going for a walk part of your routine.’

Ayesha Omar


Thirdly, Omar focuses to cherish all the achievements of life. Meditate and think about everything you have achieved over the year. Count the big and small wins and let the gratitude shine.’

Ayesha Omar


Fourthly, the Yalghaar actress urges to minimize screen time. ‘Take a break from social media and enjoy some time off the grid.’

Ayesha Omar


Last but not the least, she let go of the pressures of entering into a new year. ‘Please remember a new year is just a date, it is not a finish line, it is not even a beginning line. You can start habits and goals whenever and nothing is tying you down.’ 

Ayesha Omar

Meanwhile you can visit www.ayeshao.com and order the best natural beauty products for a healthy and glowing skincare regime.

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