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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but what truly makes a woman shine? Founder and CEO of ACF Animal Rescue, Ayesha Chundrigar dons far more than diamonds and shows true power through her character in collaboration with renowned jewelry brand Esfir. The ace entrepreneur was cast in a recent fashion film wearing an array of jewels, each one representing different facets of her strong personality. Along with the gorgeous stones, key features that define Chundrigar are also highlighted in the shoot. Much like other heroes, she has stayed true to her archetype for the betterment of society in multiple ways. Hence, her best attributes are showcased as she has been the voice for the voiceless and lives her life as an empowering philanthropist.

ayesha chundigar


Ayesha Chundrigar is a woman of resilience. Despite numerous obstacles and challenges, she understands that life comes with its hardships yet she stands firm in her beliefs. Hence, to represent this character trait, she is surrounded by leaves which perfectly depict the ability to grow through anything. Wearing a gold necklace with emerald jewels, she embodies inner strength through every obstacle in life. The CEO is also known for her immense capacity for compassion. Highlighting this feature she wears a silver necklace with blue stones as a symbol of her compassion. Blue is a color that represents lucidity in one’s heart, that which is abundant like oceans deep.


Along with her selfless demeanor, she also exhibits a great sense of valor. Being courageous in all her pursuits, she mostly takes the road less traveled. It takes great courage and strength to be an animal rescue hero in a country like Pakistan. This feature is represented through the structure of the jewelry and the use of heavy white pearls earrings which are symbolic of something which looks delicate but is immensely powerful within.


Besides being a powerhouse in many ways, this humanistic psychotherapist is also a well-known empath in an apathetic society. In the photoshoot, she depicts this trait wearing a pure white necklace with trickling pearls that are representative of love, passion, and purpose. The animal welfare queen is also known for her persistence. With silver jewelry inlaid with a pearl and zircon, surrounded by spring flowers, she symbolizes renewal, revival, as well as her ability to keep moving forward.


Projecting characteristics that we want to see in our idols, Ayesha Chundrigar is proof that one person can, in fact, change the world. Like a diamond, she too was made who she is by intense pressure and wears her personality as a proud armor. She defines who she is while standing up for what is right and that’s what makes her powerful.


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